Protestant's Struggling with Marian Doctrine...

Any protestants that are considering conversion to the RCC and are struggling with Devotion to the Blessed Virgin should definitely check out this free course offered by The Catholic Home Study Service. This was recommended to me by someone else on this forum and has helped me immensely:

Christ’s Mother & Ours

I was caught up in the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura and since I could find no reference in the Bible to the Marian Devotion I automatically rejected it. This course challeges you to free your thinking up a bit and actually leads you through the Bible and proves why the Doctrines of: The Perpetual Virginity, Immaculate Conception, etc. as well as Devotion to Mary ARE Biblical indeed. My background in engineering hurt me in my quest for the truth because you have to prove things to me NOT just tell me… This course helped me a lot and I highly recommend it!!

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