Protestants surround and attack Catholic

So I was at my sons football practice the other day and I saw a bunch of guys disrupting the practice, telling the coaches they need to move the team, setting up speakers on a near by stage, and BBQ’ing. Mind you it’s a city park, anyway, being the nosey annoying, in-your-face kinda guy I am I walked by them purposely trying to figure out what was going on. Seeing no reason why they were so special as to own the park I continued walking planning to contact the city and say, why, fix it…

But, then it heard my name called several times and when I looked up I saw my friends (actually my wife’s friend but mine as well I guess) husband. So I went over talked to him and parted nicely understanding that their church group was doing an outing, trying to get people to come by the church.

Fast forward, trying not to write a novel, Chris (Rachel’s husband, the friend) asked me to come over for a hot dog, I said cool. Grabbed a dog, sat down, Chris is no where to be seen and a strange skinny hat backwards little punk looking kid standing in front of me. Note I’m 32 he was about 20-22 So I guess kid is relative. With several other older guys all standing around just a little bit away, arms folded watching.

All of a sudden I’m asked if I believe in Jesus, Oh your Catholic, I was Catholic, it’s a sham, the Pope is a false prophet, a priest told me divorce, cursing, pre-marital sex is not a sin, Catholics are going to hell. All of these I calmly retorted, (amazing for me cause I’m more of a in your face banging heads together kinda debater) but it was peaceful, interesting and kinda nice rebutting all his comments and “facts”.

So during, after and now I can’t get over why Protestants need to attack people of other religions to get their point across. Every Catholic (mind you I was both Southern Baptist and Nazarene before I converted to Catholicism) I have met, debated, or watched has been professional, Christ like, loving, non-judge mental, and understanding of the “we are all going to the same destination just taking different paths” mentality when speaking of Christians, Catholic and Protestant alike.

So why, why do Protestants have to surround you and attack??? Why isn’t it just oh your Catholic, well here is what we believe, would you like to come by?

You had an unfortunate experience and it sounds like you handled it well. We should be careful, however, of making statements like: “…I can’t get over why Protestants need to attack people of other religions…”. Just being on this forum is evidence that many, if not most “Protestants” are respectful toward us Catholics. And one more point, I know many Catholics who cannot wait to get their digs in when discussing Protestantism.



Right, Right, Right. You are absolutely correct, and I apologize if I came off, well rereading I know I came off, but anyway, I apologize for clumping all Protestants in one group, Catholics in another, etc.

Now I want a hot dog…

I understand you were probably pretty irritated over the situation. I know it’s happened to me and once I almost punched an atheist for being so insulting. Not exactly Christ-like, I know. But God used my anger and frustration and wound up teaching me quite a bit with that. Take some time in prayer to reflect on the whole experience.

"AN unfortunate experience’

Lucky him, or maybe its because he is only 32 and a convert. As a returning 50somethng cradle Catholic I have had a lifetime of such attacks. I know of few respectful protestants.

I hope its only because you are unlucky, or you don’t get out much.:shrug:


Right! I was Methodist for many years… I never met anyone of us who was disrespectful of Catholics.

Sounds like a frustrating situation. Religious majorities have a long history of behavior like what you’ve described. At least we’re not in the burn-him-at-the-stake era. :slight_smile:

Beaucoup props for handling it so well. Well done Marine! :thumbsup:

The only thing I’d change is to say “some” because it’s not all of them. Most are pretty decent folks and ask nicely about stuff they’ve heard or been taught.

I’m like you though and being of Irish decent I’m like a K-mart radio when it comes to my faith…I don’t play. I’ve stated before on here that I consider all such efforts to evangelize me to be an open invitation for counter-evangelism, which generally puts such guys to flight in short order seeing as I just blew huge holes in their belief system. I too spent many long years among them (35+/-) as Southern Baptist and AoG, so I know where they are going with most of it as soon as they open their mouth. One thing that tends to rattle them pretty badly is that they quickly discover that this poor dumb, deceived Catholic knows the Word of God at least as well and most times better than they do and when you can wield that Sword of the Spirit and rightly divide the word of truth they often decide there’s somewhere else they need to be, since they have just been handed their theological head in public where they thought they were gonna nail my hide to the nearest wall. :irish2: As the Irish would say, “it’s great craic!”

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