Protestants vs. Catholics


I don’t know why, but it never really occurred to me that there was so much contention between the two faiths. When I think of “interfaith dialouges” I think Jews/Christians, Christians/Muslims, Jews/Muslims, etc. It never occurred to me to think Protestant/Catholic. One poster is apparently leaving the boards because of animoisty he’s preceived here. But since I know the Church, and as far as I am able to figure out, most if not all Christian demoniations, encourages interfaith communications, there must be room in both faiths for the other, right?


There is room in both faiths for interfaith communications…but does that mean we have to agree with each others views/beliefs etc.?



I, myself, never knew there was so much animosity either until I came here. Im a protestant and I love and follow Jesus yet I have been called a heretic and been told I would go to hell because I was not catholic.:frowning: Funny I never thought that way(unless they were protestant) about catholics at all and I still dont BTW:D

I dont get it either. I have nothing bad to say about Jewish people either. Our faith came from the Jews–AMEN. Muslims I have no comment–dont know enough.


You would thnk all followers of Christ should be able to find common ground. BUT if you think one side or the other is toast, merely because they don’t agree in exact form and function, that may be difficult or impossible.


No. But maybe occassionaly acknowledge the common ground or things about the other’s faith that are admirable.


i agree with Valke2…i never knew there was such a contention until i came here… i really wish to know what are the basic things we disagree upon, in a nutshell.

1-importance of Mary
2-OSAS idea
3- Eucharist (real presence or symbolic)
4-Sola Scriptura

what else?

thx for any imput


do interfaith talks between jews and muslims do this? (just curious)


the Pope, Decree of Nullity, the Bible, Free Will, Salvation, Sacraments,Priests,


The few I’ve attended, yes. Generally the overall topic will be something we can both agree on, i.e., the need for peace, love of God. Shortly after 9/11 there was an interfaith prayer meeting in my town. Stuff like that.


Yes, sometimes people on this forum can be rude and sometimes people can be oversensitive. It is hard to say which was happening with your friend if you don’t mention his/her screen name.

You have to realize this is a Catholic forum. There are forums which call themselves Christian forums which do not allow Catholics on them because they do not see Catholics as Christians.:frowning:

The fact that interfaith dialogue is both allowed and encouraged on this board-a Catholic forum- is pretty amazing. For the most part dialogue is polite and orderly. But yes, there are posters on all sides who do get snide.

I have to admit, I am disappointed at the anger that occurs over political matters. I don’t know why both sides can’t have polite dialogue on issues such as Iraq.

Some of us Southern Catholics are probably a bit oversensitive because we are surrounded by over zealous fundamentalists who try very hard to convert us or tell us that we aren’t Christian. I have to watch my own self in this regard, that I don’t accidentally respond angrily to a person who is simply asking a question. Hopefully, I am succesful in being polite.


so after thousands of years, they question the Pope?

didn’t the Anglican church start because the Pope refused to grant a king the divorce?


What is the decree of nullity?


from what i have seen yes Protestants do question the validity of the Pope:(

would not give him an annulment…


Offical name for an annulment


btw, in the interest of full disclosure (and because I don’t have anything else to say right now), my father is a (lapsed) Catholic. My aunt is a devout (very) catholic.


wow…so a whole church started because a king wanted an annulment!!


and your jewish:)


mocking me or the other church?


yeah, figured that last part was known by now :slight_smile:


your mom is Jew then?

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