Protestants who profess the Apostle's Creed

I was curious among the various denominations who do adhere to the Apostle’s Creed, what is your church’s teaching on the line:

“He will come again to judge the living and the dead”
(Depending on your wording…I know…)

If, when one dies, they are sent into either Heaven or hell, what need is there for Christ to judge dead people if they have already been judge into eternity?

This line to me seems to denote that there is a place other than Heaven and hell for souls to go to (Purgatory, in my belief).

Just curious what this line makes people think.


Most of the major Protestant denominations would confess, if not in their confessional statements, at the very least the theology of the Apostles’ Creed.

All men will die and face judgment. They will either go to be in the presence of Christ, or to Hades, in separation from Christ. When Christ returns, the bodies of both the righteous and the unrighteous will be raised physically. The unrighteous will be sent to the Lake of Fire for all eternity and the righteous will inhabit the New Heavens and the New Earth.

The epistles of Peter, and some of the writings of Paul make reference to this event. It has nothing to do with a purgatory concept.

This really does not have anything to do with Purgatory, because everyone who goes through Purgatory will go to Heaven eventually.

I guess I do not completely understand what the line means. That is partially why I am asking the question.

From what you said, does that mean when we die we only go spiritually into Heaven and it is not until the Second Coming that we are united with our bodies?

That is correct. That is why we confess in the Apostles’ creed, “we believe in the resurrection of the body.”

Thank yah much!

I knew the Holy Spirit was making me ask this question for a reason. The seeds-a-growin’ !

Anytime :slight_smile:

How about Orthodox who use it?:shrug:

The Western Rite Orthodox use it. We Easterners have no problemm with it (no filioque) and we like especially the “He descended into Hell.” If you have seen our icon of the Resurrection, or been to the Holy Week service, you’d know why.

Part of why I post on here is to understand other’s beliefs better, not necessarily trying to put them into question (though sometimes).
I did not include you guys because I had a better understanding of the Orthodox beliefs (though you still taught me something)…but then I learned I did not have a good understanding of my own beliefs! (What a great Christian I am! haha!)

Yeah…I have not seen that icon, but my uncle rave’s about it. Isn’t that the one where Christ is pulling Adam and Even out of Hell?

Dear tGette,

In Indonesia, the non-Catholic Christians has 1 big community called the Christian Church on Indonesia (GKI). Others, are separate denominations such as the Bethel and the Adventist. The GKI churches almost have the same apostle creed, except the sentence which says “We believe in one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”. They replace it with “We believe in One True Church”. All other sentences are exactly the same, words by words.


It’s often called the Harrowing of Hell. Our Church has a large one in our apse.

Neat image. Beautifully well done.

Of course, in our theology, we believe the descent into Hell was Christ’s victory parade through downtown Hades, saying, “You’ve lost.”

When I was Lutheran, our books said “Christian.” Now they have (or, at least a few years back when I saw it last) “Catholic” in a footnote.

Yes. It’s the theme of the services for Great and Holy Saturday. One priest summarized the service as “Hell complaining of indigestion from some God he ate”:eek:

Since I can’t PM you…during our recent conversations I have realized just how woefully inadequate my knowledge of Orthodox beliefs are LOL.

Know of any good websites that give the basics on Orthodoxy?

btw, our hymnals alternate on Catholic or Christian depending on which liturgy we’re using.


That is the Catholic belief also.

the Greek Archdiocese and OCA (Orthodox Church in America) are good.

There is also an Orthodox wiki.

There is a website for Lutherans, but it’s geared to those converting.

but I go there mostly for the forums (and PM)

We have a lot of the same cast of characters there. We also have some supporters of the Vatican who don’t post here.

has a lot but it is VERY HARD CORE.

and for your listening pleasure:

If you are up for a catechism:

is influential but dated.


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