Protestants -- why aren't you Orthodox?


They aren’t Catholic, they don’t teach many of the “errors” you charge Catholicism with, and they trace themselves back to Pentecost. So why are you not Orthodox?


That is like asking me "why don’t you worship at a Hindu temple?"
I live in the Appalachia and Orthodox Churches don’t exist here, neither do Catholic Churches (one in the county and it is 25 miles away and holds Mass in Spanish because only immigrants attend).
The only choices here are Baptist, Pentecostal, Church of Christ or Methodism (two branches thereof). I choose FC Methodism because it is more “traditional” than the Baptists and far more conservative than the United Methodists.


Because Papal authority isn’t the only differences we have with Catholics. Many of the same difference can be found between us and the Orthodox Churches as well. Protestant “errors” --so to say–is one of the things on which Catholics and Orthodox can agree. Not that many of us, especially those from liturgical traditions, haven’t cast a glance eastward…


I case anyone doesn’t believe me, here is a listing of area churches.
Count the Baptists if you dare! :smiley:
Not an Orthodox on the list.


Well, its kida weird I must say that there is not a Catholic Church near you, and the one that is is so far away. I wonder why that area is lacking for an english speaking Catholic Church there.

What gives? Anyone know?

Look at that list!:eek: :eek: :eek:

Its not dekalb its baptistkalb!


There are not many Catholics in Alabama. In contrast, take a look at the Churches available in Boston. I would expect to see plenty of Catholic parishes there. Y’all are predominately a regional faith in this country, although I expect that will change over time especially with the influx of Catholic Latinos.


Holy CRAMOLY!! That’s a lot of Baptists!


It’s the ethnic makeup of the area.
These mountains were settled in colonial times by Scotch-Irish, French Huguenots and Englishmen, none of which were Catholic. All of which had a “beef” with the CC, hence the nonexistance of the CC in this area.


Granted, I live in a big city in the midwest but this is spinning my head around…



OK, suppose an Orthodox church set up in your town next week. Then what?


I am putting in a new thread on the prayer section of this forum for more Catholic Churches in Sands area ASAP!


Personally I would be there to visit within the first month:)
I always try to do that when a new denom comes to the area.
Except with the SDA, everyone from local Baptists to online Catholics warned me to stay away from there;)


Of course, it’s always dangerous to speak in generalities, but Catholics also tend to be more urban in the USA so…a big city in the midwest is likely to have a decent selection of Catholic parishes. There are other areas of the country that favor various denominations or faiths. Mormons in Utah would be one of the best examples. Baptists in the South. Congregationists and Unitarians in New England. Jews in NYC. Presbyterians in the mountains (because as noted by Sandmountan, many come from Scots-Irish roots). Episcopalians in Virginia. Lutherans in the northern mid-west. Methodists in…well…pretty much everywhere.


Presbyterianism used to dominate in these mountains but for some reason they have all became either Baptist or Methodist in the past century. I used to attend a little Presbyterian church in Albertville but it like the rest is almost dead now, matter of fact their pastor defected to the Methodist church up the road:D
The Methodists in this area, of course are descendants of old COE congregations which separated during the time of the Christmas Conference (1784?)


How strange! I tried posting a prayer in the prayer forum 3 times and it wont take! I hope its not the old 3 times you are out rule!:eek:

I considered Orthodoxy as a Protestant.


Then you believe that it wasn’t just the Catholic Church that was in grave error before the Reformation, it was the entire Christian world. You believe that all the Christian traditions that could reasonably trace back to Pentecost had fallen into grave error, and that 1500 years after the fact, all of these errors were suddenly discovered and remedied.

Is there anything wrong with my analysis?


You believe that all the Christian traditions that could reasonably trace back to Pentecost had fallen into grave error, and that 1500 years after the fact, all of these errors were suddenly discovered and remedied.

Does “all” encompass more than the two groups? Were there only Orthodox and Roman Catholic at this point?


I think there were various Gnostic groups. I could be wrong, though.


There were also small Nestorian populations and Monophysite, both heretical groups


Apostolic Succession is what we need to consider here.

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