Protestants: why do you participate on a Catholic forum?

What drew you to participate on a Catholic forum instead of one from your own denomination, or of another denomination, like Mormon, Buddhist, Muslim, etc.??

  1. I DO participate in a Mormon forum. Incorrect assumption.
  2. I also participate in a fundamentalist, evangelical, and Baptist one as well. I used to participate in a fine Orthodox one as well.
  3. The level of discourse is high on this one.
  4. They welcome non-Catholic participation by having a forum for those that are not. Some groups do not do that…some do.

Isn’t everyone welcomed on this forum?

With all due respect, that sounds a little defensive. S/he was just asking a question and I’m actually curious to read the answers, too. :slight_smile:

What drew me?

Well, it was an interest in the faith itself and if it might be a church I would want to join.

And I ended up having so much fun. I decided to stay regardless.

Apart from the universalism forum, I fine this one very tolerant only in the non-Catholic section.
My goal is to introduce different points of views that in my understanding condemns no one.
I am open minded, and bring to this section what I believe a realistic view of things, while remaining true to Jesus.
I only present, challenge and hope to stimulate interest in a deeper search of the scriptures to those whose desire to know more about their God.

I have some very interesting views.
You will also find if you read many of my posts that I have condemnation for no one, regardless of what they believe.

So, if I can be of any help in understanding some difficult passages in light of the whole of the bible, then I’ll gladly respond.

Blessging’s, AJ

Well we are not welcome to your church! I served in a Catholic Church and I never felt so unwelcomed in my life. I have 5 Children and they were forbidden to go to the youth. I couldn’t get people to smile at me. I started coming to this site while I was attending a Catholic Church. And then I seen Catholics bashing Protestants on this site and wondered
’How can people say they have the real presence of Jesus and be so mean?" Jesus said you will know them by the fruit they bear. Well I’m still waiting. People are nice as long as you agree, but as soon as you don’t they let you have it. So I went back to my Protestant Church with lots of Hugs and Kisses. I really don’t know how long I will be on this site.

I will tell:they especially pentecostal,evangelical are brainwashed by the catholic bashing and so excited to come here to prove catholics are always wrong;) (J/K and no offense!).

I was invited.

To keep us Catholics on our toes! :thumbsup:

I grew up in the Catholic Church and can certainly understand what you are saying. Some people are very friendly and welcoming but you’ll find that in any church. We live out in the country and the nearest Catholic church is about 12 miles away. When we do go it’s like we don’t even exist so we don’t go very often. It’s not comforting at all. We prefer a church where the Word of God is spoken, where children are valued from conception on (a pro-life church) and where everyone is welcomed and made to feel at home. I did not have that feeling in Catholic churches in big cities or small towns. In fact, when I lived in a different country and didn’t know the language I was told by a priest that it didn’t matter if I understood anything or not but my body had to be in Church every Sunday! That was a huge turn-off for me!

Seeking God is not a one place find, but rather where God leads us to.

Sometimes, it may be several places.

What is important in seeing here is, that God sees and knows what it is that is in our minds and hearts and leads us to where we may gain the experience necessary to learn a better truth.

A better truth term is, in gaining understanding that otherwise, could not be gained if we didn’t go through the experience.

Not necessarily “the truth” as many would like to claim, but a better truth consistent with the ability to understand via the experience and knowledge gained.

Which should also lead to a more mature spiritual individual.

Complaints, I’ve heard many, but complaints are food for spiritual growth, that is if we are mature enough ourselves to lead and to guide without condemnations.

Listen, if you are a Catholic, then display God’s love in your daily walk, for just that in it’s self is sufficient to convince anyone that God is truly loving.

If you are not a Catholic, do the same.

But bickering does no one any good!

A good discussion of differences is, for it shows the abilities of those who are spiritually mature to lead and to guide those who are seeking God.

We should never think to be above anyone spiritually, but rather hold them higher than ourselves.(humbleness)

For then, we have their attention and can the better win them to Christ.

Blessing’s, AJ

I’m not Catholic, but I go to church with my wife and son, who are. I suppose I participate here to learn more about their co-religionists. This forum gives me some new ways to think about things, from time to time. I also participate on an Anglican forum.

Which one? I never found any active Anglican forums. The only really busy forums are all extreme right wing likes this one and some fundamentalist ones. I’d be happy to find a good Anglican one.

Because if i was on a site where just about everybody agreed with me I learn very little

Originally, I flirted with the idea of conversion to Catholicism, but as my religious profile states, that did not happen. Overall, I find the dialogue between Catholics and non-Catholics here worthwhile reading and constructive in establishing our similarities even when we have disagreements.

The Anglican section at is pretty good, IMHO.

I was a Catholic when I started on these boards and have since left the Church. I still hang around mostly out of habit.


I actually found this forum through a MySpace friend of mine. I have always been drawn to the Catholic faith and now I’m in my parish’s RCIA program.

LOL! Same as Mt. Everest!

Because it is here!

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