Protestants; why won't you be CATHOLIC!?

Protestants, what ever your denomination is, please tell me why you will not be Catholic!? :shrug:

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"…*will not *be Catholic…" excludes the possibility in the future, which I won’t do.
So, if you ask why I am not currently Catholic, I would say doctrine:
1)Papal primacy (and infallibility)
2)The requirement of belief in transubstantiation
3)Finish the convergence on Doctrine of Justification, started by the JDDJ
4)Sacrifice of the mass
6) Preference for corporate reconciliation


This life that I have found in Christ meets the needs of my soul. Catholism does not “speak to my condition”…“There is One, even Christ Jesus that can speak to thy condition” is the testimony George Fox relayed…and those of us who put that to the test have found it to be so…we know God “experimentally”…“experientially”.

That any “sacrament” could confer grace upon me through the hands of another is a foreign concept to me…life is holy sacrament already.

Jon, a good source for understanding Catholic doctrine is the Catechism of the Catholic church, also there is a reasonably priced Compendium of the Catechism. It is concise and contains the essential and fundamental beliefs of the Church’s faith. :thumbsup:Carlan

I am not catholic because catholicism is a works oriented systme of salvation and the Bible says we are not saved y co-oprating with God in our salvation. Eph 2:8-9.

Tell me why you do not accept what theBible says about how to be saved? Acts 16:31?

Scripture tells us many of the Sacraments were instituted by Christ Himself:

The Eucharist

Yes, thanks, Carlan.
I do visit the online Catholic Catechism when I have a question, particularly when I see Catholics disagree. :smiley: Seriously, it is helpful.

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What is your definition of Catholic?

Fr. Mark

Hello D L, at the moment I will just say,Christ through his death and resurrection has provided abundantly for the salvation of all men and women, however, that does not mean that there is no process by which this is applied to us as individuals, obviously there is or we would have been saved and justified from all eternity.:)Carlan

For me it *was *the Marian dogmas.

The main reason why I am no longer catholic is that I believe that Jesus shows us how to have abundant life. Abundant life means giving oneself to others. It means loving people to the extent that we ourselves are vulnerable. It means stepping beyond our comfort zone to love people as they are, whoever they are. I found that catholicism failed to let me do this. The institutionalized homophobia (demonstrated when the pope called same-sex marriage a threat to world peace), the subjugation of women (I guess the presence of a penis is essential to ordination), the attempts to control people through guilt (think of how much of the liturgy is begging forgiveness), the sheer tribalism (protestant churches are allegedly not churches but ecclesial communities) and the ignorance of modern science (claiming Adam and Eve were real people and original sin was a literal event rather than an attempt to describe the human condition) were all an impediment to living life abundantly. Unfortunately, most of these problems are present in other Christian denominations. This is why I joined the Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers).

Glad to meet thee Friend.:slight_smile:

There are many, many wonderful beliefs held by Catholics, however, I can’t become a Catholic because of some wrong beliefs. (Mary dieing a virgin; the bread and wine turning into the actual Body and Blood of Jesus; Peter being the 1st pope; the Roman Catholic Church being the true church mentioned in the NT, etc.)

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The main reason is that the Eucharist is not offered to those who are baptized and believe in the Real Presence. And yes, I know all the reasons why. And no, I do not and cannot agree with them.

O.S. Luke,

Does the UMC practice closed communion?

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Zundrah, why don’t you become a Shintoist, a Jain, a Christadelphian, Cargo cultist, Sungoist, or whatever?

Communion is open to the baptized - it is open to those who are professing Christians.

I’m not Catholic because I disagree with the Immaculate Conception, perpetual virginity of Mary, infant baptism, episcopal church hierarchy, issues with justification not in the JDDJ, transubstantiation, purgatory, and mandatory confession to a priest, among others.

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