I know protestants can be saved, by the grace of God working through the Holy Spirit who searches the hearts of all men, not by what they practice. Lets all pray that abortion ends.:stuck_out_tongue:

Your post confuses me…what do these two things have to do with each other exactly?

You could have made a post saying 1) “I know protestants can be saved…” and then said something on that topic, or saying 2) “Let both Protestants and Catholics unite in fighting against the grave evil of Abortion! Let’s pray!”

Saying it the way you did I find strange.

well i am not a pro blogger sorry, i guess i should have started a new papagraph. should a wise person become a fool to become wise? its deep.

I think I get it.

The Holy Spirit also lives and works in Protestants, and their prayers are no less effective than a Catholic’s. Despite disagreements in certain doctrines, it is important to unite on the issue of abortion and the sanctity of human life.

Did I understand you correctly?

I understand what he is saying, it’s why he said it the way he did that’s odd.

I join my prayers to yours.

PS: I think our Lutheran practices are just fine. :wink:

Ccc #819

I’m neither catholic or protestant. I abhor the very idea of abortion.

I am also very concerned about how the elderly are viewed in today’s society.

This isn’t about professional blogging, but writing clear English prose.

The remark about abortion was certainly a non-sequitur.

Non-sequitur indeed…also, it’s not blogging at all, it’s a forum. =P

If less is more, than the title of this thread is A+ material! :smiley:

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