Protester at church yells 'Shame on You!' as Cardinal Wuerl addresses sex abuse scandal



It is difficult but I think if you have a problem with a public speaker you should let them finish and then quietly walk out to register your disapproval.

I think this would respect free speech and also register the fact that you disagree strongly with them.


I’d like to buy that guy a beer!


:+1::+1: Screaming out only adds to the bad measure of all that is going around. This person reduced themselves to a lower point that Cardinal Wuerl. Did he/she get ushered out? I hope. The woman with crossed arms in the picture is not acting her age. We need to be mature Christians helping and supporting not screaming and pouting like children!



I don’t agree with this. I know a priest who got yelled at for speaking out against same sex marriage before it got forced on us by the courts. That person was rightly escorted out.

I will however steal an idea I saw elsewhere. That is that if applause is appropriate for Mass then boos would be too. I mean if they allow us or even encourage us to voice our opinion then they need to be consistent.


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