Protesters block Betsy DeVos from entering public school in Washington


So apparently the mindset of these brilliant thinkers is that because we don’t think she will back our public schools we will not let her even enter them…

In all seriousness what a bunch of idiots, thankfully at least one was arrested and she persisted in her efforts and got into the school. The left’s solution to the new administration is apparently act like such a petulant child and throw a temper tantrum at every little thing until the adults give up…


Noticed a protester carry g a sign “Black Lives Matter” which of course is funded by none other than GS.So once agin,it is safe to assume he is behind this protest as he has been with all this far:rolleyes:
Getting tedious to say the least!


Like how El Cheeto is? I digress, She wants to “help” students like a cat wants to “help” a mouse. It probably was her first time in a public school ever.



Oh my. Wow okay. If only I could get on FB. Ty I needed the laugh.


Some folks needed to be arrested over that. Protesting is okay. Physically blocking entrances is not protesting.


She has spent the last couple of decades trying to help kids by improving education.

You may disagree with her on school vouchers/school choice. But she has made a sincere effort spending many hours of her life towards that goal.

It would be far better for people to work with her vice automatically protest. Teacher’s unions see her as a threat because she may disrupt the status quo.

Is the status quo what is best for kids?


No it is more than the vouchers. She wants to Christianize public school. “Bring God back into the classroom” nonsense. She has no experience at all in the public schools. Would you want Scruffy the Janitor flying the plane? He makes paper airplanes and is an outsider!


Has she ever been a teacher - yes or no?

Crying “George Soros” at facts, or absence of facts thereof, does not magically qualify her to be top educator of the U.S.

Bravo to these HEROIC teachers-! :thumbsup:


Calling everyone a hero doesn’t make it so either.Save that for the brave men in woman fighting for our freedoms.givng life and limb,in many cases.


Has she ever been a teacher - yes or no?

Anyone? Simple question.


I don’t think this is true. But she does want to make it easier for a parent who wants their child to attend a different school to do so.

I grew up in Delaware, and they now have school choice and a lot of charter schools. My younger sister (she’s 11 years younger than me) had a social problem in school and used school choice her senior year to attend a different high school. Had school choice not been an option, she may have dropped out of school or developed depression, etc. Or my parents would have had to pay for the Catholic high school, which they could not afford.

When suburbanites buy or rent a home, often one of the most important questions they ask is “what school district is it in?” A lot of people in the suburbs buy home in the a school district they like (unless they plan to send the kids to private school).

A lot of white suburbanites fail to realize that not everyone can afford to live in a school district they like.

Urban families and rural families often have far fewer choices and often cannot afford to send their kids to school that they want their kids to attend.

My wife was a teacher from 2000 until 2011 (when our first child was born) and she taught in Brooklyn, NY; the highest paying suburban Philly district, and in the exburbs of Philadelphia (rural like area) school district. When she was in the Philly suburbs, they had hundreds of applicants for every open teaching position. Those good school districts can afford to be selective to get the best teachers available, and they can afford to pay them well. Some of those public school teachers at the suburban Philly school district made almost $50 K more at 15 years in than teachers with 20+ years at the school district in the exburbs.

It’s worse in the inner city schools, where they take almost anyone.

Point is Democrats are all about equality, etc. But when someone suggests school choice, and vouchers, Democrats go insane.

Think about it for a moment. Obama’s kids when to a private school that costs $30,000 for each child. And when you look at Congress, 56% of Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee members send/sent at least one child to private school.

Plus, a lot of teachers send their own kids to private school. In Philadelphia, 44% of public school teachers send their own kids to private school.

I remember that 5 grade math and science teacher sent her kids to Catholic school, and today she’s on that Catholic school’s board of directors.

Point is: if parents feel the public school isn’t best for their child, they should have options. Vouchers potentially gives a parent with no options, an option if they don’t like the public school or public school system, especially since homeschool isn’t an option for many parents.

I will leave you with this quote:

The ex-mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, was asked why he did not have his own kids in public school despite his strong advocacy of public education. Villaraigosa, whose wife was a public school teacher, said, “I’m doing like every parent does. I’m going to put my kids in the best school I can. My kids were in a neighborhood public school until just this year. We’ve decided to put them in a Catholic school. We’ve done that because we want our kids to have the best education they can. If I can get that education in a public school, I’ll do it, but I won’t sacrifice my children any more than I could ask you to do the same.”

God Bless


Nice answer my statement with a question.I said calling these teachers heroic is wasted on them.:mad:


Third time asking: Has Betsy DeVos ever been a teacher -yes or no?


The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

It would be far better for people to work with her vice automatically protest. Teacher’s unions see her as a threat because she may disrupt the status quo.

It would be far better for people to work with teachers, than to automatically point to their union as the problem. them

Is the status quo what is best for kids?

What makes you think that teachers are not interested in change that helps students.


For my part, I don’t know. Nor do I care. I’m a software engineer and my previous boss had a degree in theater and was never a software engineer. But he was a damn good manager and did a spectacular job leading a team of 30 of us.

So, whether she was a teacher herself or not is quite irrelevant. What matters is if she understands how to lead organizations and knows enough of the education system to be an effective leader. You don’t have to have done it yourself to know how to lead people who do it.


I think the funny thing is you call yourself Catholic.


I take it the answer is “no”. True?

But neither has Mark Fields ever been a welder, or Jamie Dimon a teller.

The real question is not any of that. It’s whether she can, as a government administrator, improve the nation’s schools. Maybe she can and maybe she can’t, but having been a teacher sometime or other is no more relevant than whether Barack Obama ever flew an F-22 as a qualification for sending them into battle.


No she was not a teacher, and many were not.

The first Sec of Education in 1980, under Jimmy Carter was Shirley Hufstedler, an attorney and judge. According to her bio, I don’t think she was a teacher until AFTER her term as Sec. of Education (unless she was an adjunct professor while she was a judge)

the 2nd Sec of Education in 1981, under Pres Reagan was a former School District Superintendent.

3rd - was the chair the National Endowment for the Humanities

4th - former Dean of Tuffs School of Medicine

5th - current Senator Lamar Alexander, an attorney who was Governor and then President of University of Tennessee for a couple years

6th - a former governor and lawyer

7th - Roderick Raynor “Rod” Paige, appointed by George W. Bush was the first Sec of Education to actually have taught in a regular school classroom and was also a college Dean and school district superintendent.

8th - a career education reform person

9th - former CEO of Chicago Public Schools

10th - John B. King Jr. - 2nd Sec of Ed to be a real classroom teacher (for only 3 years). Then, later went to law school for his JD and then a Dr in Education


It’s irrelevant if the top educator in the country has never been a teacher? I think a lot of teachers who had to meet minimum requirements would disagree.


As to our nation, we are at the tipping point regarding common sense versus simple, emotion-driven hysteria. Pundit P. J. O’Rourke was right: **

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

** The behavior of the left bears this out. This same virus has seemingly infected a near-majority of Catholics - an even sadder consideration.

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