Protesters block some security checkpoints ahead of inauguration


WASHINGTON — Authorities were girding for a full day of inaugural demonstrations Friday as protesters blocked some security checkpoints, with one Black Lives Matter group chaining themselves to metal barricades.
Police said the actions resulted in no immediate arrests and that no entrances had been completely shut down, though authorities were directing spectators to other checkpoints.


Good for them. This is what protests should look like.


DisruptJ20 anarchists breaking windows at Bank of America and Starbucks near McPherson Square.


Causing violence and disruption is not going to help their side at all.


There will always be a handful of idiots that aren’t representative.


I believe these idiots are very representative of the declining Democrat Party


Are the KKK and alt-right representative of the GOP?


They have been shut down by Trump unlike Obama who invited these idiots ( your word not mine) to the White House. So, yes, these idiots are representative of the Democrat Party


BREAKING: One of our @FoxNews producers says protesters have set a car on fire and are now vandalizing businesses w/ crow bars. #Trump45


Another example of Democrats behavior!


The KKK was founded by THE DEMOCRATS. That is a FACT and has always been a FACT.

There is no right to be disruptive in the 1st amendment right…there is the right to PEACEFULLY assemble…but chaotic protests and anger and throwing things…that’s NOT what’s covered by the 1st amendment.

If they truly believed that BLMattered, they should be protesting at an abortion facility where black babies die EVERY DAY.


You keep trying to sow tribalistic division. I’m a bleeding heart liberal, and I denounce it. There will always be a few idiots, see e.g. the violence at Trump rallies.

Just feel like your more concerned about trying to score points for your political team instead of making things better.


That’s politics! Your not concerned with your own tribalistic comments


I hope President Trump comes down hard on these lawless left wing protests.


Anarchist site It’s Going Down is claiming about 50 of there people have been kettled by police and arrests are being made. :thumbsup:


That’s great news!!!


The kettled protesters are at 12th & L NW and a far left site is reporting they are being arrested.


It’s not surprising that riots have broken out. We knew that it was planned by anarchists. I just hope that justice is served.


Here is a link from Fox News about the riots. I figured it’s good to have more links in here so we can get the fullness of the coverage of the events.


To me it’s reliving the 60’s. Only shows the divisivess of the country, if not the world. God help us.

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