Protesters block some security checkpoints ahead of inauguration


I agree!


Good points! :thumbsup:


Now protesters are blocking I-395.


I am sure the police will take care of them in short order.


No, they should be hauled away in shackles.


What country is this anymore, wow.


if they protest peacefully I see no reason why that should occur. If they use violence or intimidate others then they should be arrested. However I thought peaceful protests and a right to free assembly were a fundamental part of what the USA is about?


Correction. The damage doers.


Arresting those damaging private property or using violence is something we would agree on. I have zero tolerance for that approach of protest with regards to Trump, it is childish and immature and criminal. Protesting the win at all seems odd, but if done peacefully then I see no problem with it. My own view would be he as has won and if you oppose him then the best road is to go away and think of why that is and come up with better strategies and policies to oppose him


Peaceful protests are one thing. Smashing windows, rock throwing, disrupting traffic is hardly peaceful. They have no right to that and should be arrested. Yes, shackled if need be.


ABC News just reported in a live broadcast, that police have made around 90 arrests. Parade starts in 47 minutes.



Police using tear gas and concussion grenades against violent protesters.


Awful. We’re about to be in a police state like we’ve never seen.


Oh please. :rolleyes:


Oh yeah… how dare those police try to subdue the crowds of people damaging private and public property, blocking roadways, and causing general anarchic chaos. Truly we live in the worst of police states. :rolleyes:


I agree 100%. Unfortunately, these don’t seem to be peaceful protesters.


It’s so funny all of the cell phones out, everyone filming each other protesting. One guy holding a sign and 30 people clamoring to take his pic like its some kind of important moment that needs to be recorded for history.


Theyre doing it to protect themselves against police brutality.

Which given the police’s history, very fair.


Let’s see, throwing cinder blocks at police ( on the news). Now they’re starting a fire in Northwest. So much for peaceful protest. :rolleyes:

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