Protesters gather at Black Lives Matter Plaza in DC

FoxNews has just called Florida (97-98% in.
Trump up by 4% there).

FoxNews reporting the betting line has morphed to 80% chance of a Trump victory.

Leftist rioters apparently getting ready to do their thing again.



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Protesters gather at Black Lives Matter Plaza in DC

By Brittany De Lea | Fox News

Waves of demonstrators gathered at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington D.C. on Tuesday night amidst a strong police presence and reports of one minor scuffle. . . .

Watch: Protesters Get Violent with Baseball Bats in DC

Fight in BLM Plaza in DC -- Election Night (Twitter Video Screenshot)

Twitter Video Screenshot


3 Nov 2020

A fight broke out in Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House in Washington, D.C. late Tuesday night.

Video captured a fight breaking out when a man wearing all black began fighting with another white man. The video shows multiple people joining in and assaulting the man before he manages to escape.

One person struck the make with some type of bat, the video shows.

“Where you going?” someone asked the man just as the fight breaks out. Another man tried to separate the two men until the first blow was struck. . . .

. . . Another protester accosted what he believed to be a Black police officer, calling him an “Uncle Tom,” among other slurs. . . .

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Live Updates: Protesters demonstrate near White House on Election Night

Fox News

Some cities across the country have seen unrest Tuesday night, including in Washington, D.C. where Black Lives Matter protesters flooded the streets near the White House. . . .

. . . 49m ago
Some protests broke out across the U.S. as election night ended without a clear winner.

Arrests were made overnight in several cities, including Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Seattle.

Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson has more on “Fox & Friends.”

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2h ago

Minneapolis police arrested more than a dozen protesters Tuesday night after members of a large group began setting off fireworks, spray painting businesses and throwing debris and traffic signs into the road, FOX9 Minneapolis reported. . . . .


2h ago

At least eight people were arrested in Seattle as people took to the streets to protest on Election Day, including demonstrators who were leaving nails in a roadway, according to police. Read more from Fox News: . . .


3h ago

Los Angeles police arrested about 40 protesters for blocking the train tracks and and failing to disperse after an unlawful assembly was declared Tuesday night. Another approximately 30 people were cited for blocking a downtown intersection, the LAPD said. . . .

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