"Protesters scuffle with police at Paris synagogues"


“Protesters scuffle with police at Paris synagogues”

"Anti-Israel protesters attack Paris synagogue "


The first link does not go to a story. Could you find a working link, please? I didn’t realise it happened at more than one synagogue.

As to the second link, it’s appalling that this is happening in France – or anywhere in Europe.


The first link is a July 13 AP story by “ANGELA CHARLTON” Try these links:





Thank you, Paul.


Who can you believe? Facts are facts, aren’t they?



I don’t speak French and it is quite hard to figure out what is happening in that first video.
However, I searched and learned that the MSM has covered the story and there seems to be no doubt that pro-Palestinians converged on the synagogue. What were they doing at the synagogue? France has banned anymore pro-Palestinian rallies over fears of more violence.




Quoting from the week-old AP story:

French President Francois Hollande is treading a careful diplomatic path on the Mideast violence, and trying to keep related tensions from escalating in France as they have during Intifadas in the past.

On Sunday Hollande urged a cease-fire “as quickly as possible.” ''We will spare no effort, no trouble to achieve this," he said in a speech to dignitaries from around the world taking part in a special Bastille Day ceremony meant to celebrate peace.

Yesterday, France called on Qatar to pressure Hamas into negotiating for a ceasefire. Qatar has been a leading financial backer of Hamas.

And France has imposed a ban on pro-Palestinian rallies in Paris and two other locations. However, that that ban was defied.

Three Gaza solidarity demonstrations were banned in France on Saturday, with up to 3,000 defying the ruling in Paris and other authorised protests going ahead in about 15 other cities.

Following orders from Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to examine the “danger to public order” posed by demonstrations this weekend, protests were also banned in Nice in the south-east and Sarcelles, near Paris.

President François Hollande earlier threatened that “those who want to demonstrate at any price” could be punished.

Organising a banned protest can be punished by up to six months in jail, according to French law.

Here is an added explanation of the protest ban:

Citing a “threat to public order”, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve backed the police ban on the widely-advertised mass demonstrations, after members of the Jewish Defence League (LDJ) and pro-Palestinian groups clashed last Sunday.

“I consider that the conditions are not right to guarantee security,” Mr Cazeneuve said regarding the main Paris march, according to the Mail Online.

On Friday evening, lawyers for a number of groups responded by lodging an appeal against the ban in a Paris court.

Attending an illegal demonstration is punishable by a year in prison, and a €15,000 fine – a penalty which rises to a three year sentence and a €45,000 fine if a demonstrator covers their face to avoid being identified.

Meanwhile, publicising an illegal demonstration on social media can lead to a year-long prison sentence, and a €15,000 fine. This increases to seven years and a 100,000 fine if the post sparks violence.


MSM is a strange beast.

These a 2 excerpts from the mondoweiss.net article. I find that site to be honest and trying to be accurate.

“But a violent incident that took place in Paris on Sunday widely described as antisemitic, using this narrative as the background, was actually a street fight between pro-Palestinian demonstrators and the Jewish Defense League; one that appears to have been started by the extremist latter in support of Israel’s ongoing bombing campaign that has thus far claimed the lives of almost 200 Palestinians – 80% of them civilians.”
A description of the video
“As promised, the video shows extremist Zionists (who had said the day before that they would appear outside of the Synagogue “to support Israel, where the population lives under the rhythm of sirens”) smashing chairs and tables to make weapons. The group forms barricades before pursuing pro-Palestinian demonstrators while yelling “Palestine, we **** you” (“Palestine, on t’encule”) and throwing missiles. The JDL members pursue the demonstrators, but stop at the nearest intersection. A stand-off ensues, until pro-Palestinian demonstrators themselves respond with militancy and charge, bearing a hastily-cobbled together armory of their own. The JDL members, minus a few comrades who were attacked, retreat behind a line of riot police, and take refuge near the synagogue – without a hint of irony, in light of cynical accusations that Hamas has been employing “human shields” in one of the most densely populated strips of land on earth. The pro-Palestinian combatants withdraw soon after, closely watched by police.”

Propaganda is propaganda.

“France has banned anymore pro-Palestinian rallies over fears of more violence.”

It works.


It’s a niche newsblog with a bias. From their “about” page their aims:

**To foster the movement for greater fairness and justice for Palestinians in American foreign policy.
To offer alternatives to pro-Zionist ideology as a basis for American Jewish identity.


This their entire “about page”.


"About Mondoweiss
Mondoweiss is a news website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective.

It has four principal aims:

To publish important developments touching on Israel/Palestine, the American Jewish community and the shifting debate over US foreign policy in a timely fashion.
To publish a diversity of voices to promote dialogue on these important issues.
To foster the movement for greater fairness and justice for Palestinians in American foreign policy.
To offer alternatives to pro-Zionist ideology as a basis for American Jewish identity.

This blog is co-edited by Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz. Weiss is 56 and lives in New York state. Horowitz is 39 and lives in Atlanta.

We maintain this blog because of 9/11, Iraq, Gaza, the Nakba, the struggling people of Israel and Palestine, and our Jewish background.

This site aims to build a diverse community, with posts from many authors. The views of these authors do not necessarily represent the views of Horowitz and Weiss."

I don’t see anything wrong with this. I think its goals are commendable.


Sad to say, anti-Semitism goes back a long way in Europe. (Sometime read Luther on the Jews…though I suspect he is just articulately reflecting the norm of the times in particularly passionate and vitriolic statements.) And France is also right up there at the top. I am sorry to see this come out again. I know a lot of people are saying it, but if rockets were hitting US or French or English or German cities, we all know what the reaction would be - a swift and decisive military retaliation against the foreign perpetrator. We would all be on board and helping and consumed with anxiety and sympathy for the citizens of said victimized country. It’s sobering to think about how differently Israel is being treated by so many during this operation to stop the aggression of Hamas. 180 degree difference. We should be ashamed.


They are out there today again. Unfortunately a lot of North Africans in France feel disenfranchised. I think that’s a part of it. Thus, in France where a lot of protests over many things already happen, some of the Muslims will turn out for an event like this. Perhaps some native French are there too.


That blog is a reaction to the long standing effort by Israel to make Zionism the base for Jewish identities around the world.


:frowning: Thanks for the heads up on this!


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