Protesters Stomp on Trump Supporter’s Head After D.C. Rally

More “healing” from the left . . . .

Protesters Stomp on Trump Supporter’s Head After D.C. Rally


Leftists protesters stomp on a Trump supporter's head. (Twitter Screenshot @venturareport)

Twitter Screenshot @venturareport


14 Nov 202039,724


A group of leftist protesters attacked numerous Trump supporters who had finished taking part in a rally on the streets of Washington, DC, on Saturday. In one of the most graphic attacks, a man who tried to fight off an attack is hit from behind while at least two women kick and stomp his head.

Several videos captured numerous attacks by protesters that were chasing Trump supporters out of the rally area as the group made their way to their vehicles. Earlier in the day, thousands of Trump supporters had gathered in D.C. for a rally supporting U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Violence broke out as the rally ended and people attempted to leave. . . .

. . . The most dramatic moment takes place in the 1:25 second marker when a man holding a “Trump-Pence Out“ sneaks up from behind and sucker punches a Trump supporter knocking him out. Almost instantly two females kick and stomp on the man’s head before others rushed to his aid. Other videos also captured the intense harassment and threats that other Trump supporters even those with children, endured despite police presence in the area. . . .

I can see from the thumbnail this was the guy who was attacking people, trying to punch women, generally being extremely violent.

Poor guy. Hope the police catch who ever beat the guy up. DC is a high crime city and the politicians there seem to have a high tolerance for crime.

The video shows the supposed victim knocking a guy with a megaphone down and kicking him in the head before many people start hitting him, culminating in the “sucker punch” Breitbart focussed on.

I do not think any of the hitting should have happened. I hope the police arrest the victim for his assault as well as the people who hit him. And they get the people who tore down Black Lives Matter signs and the like.


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