Protesting Democrat Policy is Now a Hate Crime

From the American Thinker:

First, the civil disobedience incident of an outhouse parade float in Nebraska labeled “Obama Presidential Library” is investigated by the US Department of Justice as a potential hate crime. Now, we hear of a second presumably horrible hate crime, this time in the deep blue state of Maryland. Per the Carroll County Times:

[INDENT]Maryland State Police have classified anti-immigration graffiti spray painted on the former Army Reserve Center in Westminster as a hate crime.


Perhaps the term “undocumented democrats” ruffled a few feathers in nearby DC.

George Orwell warned us that a ruthless, totalitarian government would use the prosecution of “thought crimes” as a weapon against its people to crush dissent in his book 1984. Welcome to the “fundamentally transformed” America of 2014, where hate crimes are the new thought crimes, i.e. laws that can be used to imprison citizens for expressing ideas that are contrary to the current thinking of the regime in power.[/INDENT]

(As an administrative point, there may be some who question the legitimacy of citing a blog post in an opening post. “The Rules” state the following: Always link to a reliable news source (try to avoid blogs, if you link to a blog, the blog article must link to a reliable news source). No conspiricy sites, please. In this case, the “reliable source” – i.e., hard news source – is an article linked from the Carroll County Times, a local newspaper covering that part of Maryland)

The reason I posted this is that I believe the author has a very good point that we are seeing legal action being taken now as a matter of course to shut down any kind of political dissent.

We have IRS magically losing hard drives when there are allegations of targeting non-profits that disagree with the position of the Administration. The FEC magically recycling hard drives when asked about evidence regarding election irregularities. And we have, as shown in the examples cited in the OP, the DOJ criminally pursuing dissenters (accompanied, in this case, by the Democrat-dominated State of Maryland).

On this point (and likely this point alone), I will stand firmly with Hillary Clinton :eek::

“I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

A Yougov/Economist poll found regarding the Hobby Lobby decision:

43% of women support the decision; 46% do not.

It is quite clear to the casual observer, the patience of Dear Leader Party Chairman and Comrade President Barack Husanovich Obama (PBUH) are about exhausted by the claptrap grumbling and grousing of counter revolutionaries of the Kulak loving Rethuglicons who’s obstructionist behavior is being heroically challenged by the Maryland State POPO classification of thought criminals these knuckle dragging low lives, who believe in borders and sovereign states. The revolution cannot be stopped because the dialectics of history and the love and support the proletariats show for the rightness of Comrade Obama (PBUH) direction his policies are taking us (75% of Muslims cannot be wrong regardless of average IQ) Blessed Lenin is supporting the revolution all the way. We shall overcome. :rolleyes:

I do agree with Hilary Clinton’s quote in this instance. Particurlarly as yesterday I replied to a message on remote electronic signals, digital TV and the possibility of mind influencing technology. This was at Adult Christian Forum, on Delphi Forums.

Today, I don’t know if there are problems with the website, but I am unable to login.

Surely we should be able to debate the possiblitiy of what research has already shown us can be done.

Why are we not surprised?

On this point (and likely this point alone), I will stand firmly with Hillary Clinton :

“I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration you’re racist. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

Fixed it. :wink:

lolol, they even use “Democrat Party” in the title. That’s rich.

That nasty, right wing AP. :banghead:

Better sic the IRS on them.

I imagine the Nazi party started off slowly like this in the 1930’s. This type of thing is scary, and is increasing. The DOJ investigating a parade float??? :eek:

Really? Really? To compare the Democrats to Nazis is so off base.

Only a counterrevolutionary can try to compare a Democrat pary memeber to a Nazi, by great Lenin’s ghost (PBUH) could a Rethuglicon Kulak do such a thing. Where is the Maryland State POPO when you need them? This is a thought crime!. Some people need to consider a visit to re-education camp!

We must be vigilant when facing such Leftist, Godless, Communist, Socialist, Homosexualists, Freedom Hating Pro-aborts out to destroy our formerly great nation.

Noooo, not the Democrats. Just those on the left (or right) who favor government intrusiveness into our lives. Really? Really? DOJ resources used to investigate a parade float critical of the President?

Believe it is necessary to warn fellow comrades, everyone knows the USSA was never great until our Dear Leader Party Chairman and Comrade President Barrack Husanovich Obama (PBUH) deigned to humble himself to lead USSA into glorious future and free proletariat from shackles of Bushitler and the evil Rethuglikons who want to wage war on wymons contraceptives. The Maryland State POPO have security detail to round up thought crimals who might think for themselves otherwise.

Refer to Whitefortress web site for current truth. :thumbsup:

Well I do think many of the attacks against Obama have been pretty crude and vulgar. I don’t think any of it amounts to an actual hate crime, except graffiti. Sorry folks, but my experience in my community is graffiti being related to gang activity and I do consider their actions to be rooted in hate and discrimination.

Personally, (no matter where it is done or who it is done against), I think graffiti that is rooted in gang activities should be viewed as a hate crime and a direct threat against the community and the country. It is certainly a form of intimidation and goes hand in hand with crime, including violent crimes of rape and murder. This stuff should have been aggressively managed long ago, instead of tolerated.

So, I don’t mind folks protesting as long as it is peaceful and done with some amount of respect for others. But the ugly and vulgar needs to go, and the graffiti issue certainly needs a better approach. Sick of the gangs, the crime and the ignorance.

But wasn’t it the 60’s that began the descent of our once great nation. You know when women and minorities knew their place.

If we could only keep more of our hard-earned, sweat, blood, and tears, pick-yourself-up-from-your-bootstraps, money from being stolen from us to give to the lazy at the point of a gun- we could take back our country!

That darned Mr. Lincoln and his War of Northern Agression!!! :mad:

ObamaSpeak is back! :cool:

I hope people do realize the irony of this thread, in that
it is full of hate and many ignorant and hateful comments directed
at our President and Democratic party, which viciously
try to set up an “Us” vs “them” mentality.

No good can come from this division, we must act together as brothers and sisters to solve problems, not automatically viciously oppose EVERYTHING and ANYTHING a Democrat or the President does.

Peace and

Which ones exactly, in your opinion, are the “many ignorant and hateful comments”?

Of course, it was perfectly ok prior to 2009.

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