Protestors Block Road To Mount Rushmore As Trump Supporters Try To Access Rally July 3rd Celebration Video

Three vans pulled up and blocked road. Trump is scheduled to speak at 10ET - Seventy-five hundred (7500) have tickets to view the rally.

The 3rd of July rally is being televised live on youtube on Right Side Broadcasting Network plus Fox.

Goodness! What can there possibly be to object to?
no masks required
seating packed together (gotta love the President’s care for his supporters’ health!)
on land sacred to the Lakota, that was stolen from them when gold was discovered
ending a 10-year ban on fireworks to prevent wildfires


Land they stole from another tribe.


The President of the USA, Mt. Rushmore, and a patriotic fireworks display. Too bad this isn’t viewed as a celebration of our country and freedom.


It isn’t viewed as a celebration of freedom and our country only by those on the left who wish to destroy it.

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Good Point.

Many people are looking forward to this event!


As a historical note, the conservatives refused to sign the Declaration of Independence.

I guess if you can completely banish from your mind the context in which it is happening, and ignore whatever divisive things he will say, then you could see it that way.

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I can’t wait until tomorrow when Pres. Trump tries to have the July 4th celebration on the Whitehouse lawn like so many other presidents have done.

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Well, enjoy.

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If you want to look at loyalists as conservatives.

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I’ll tell you why.

Trump staged a campaign event with the taxpayers money. Just listen to the speech - well, the words he could pronounce - it was a typical aggrievement-filled rally speech.

The presence of top campaign finance officials confirms that point.


Oh, we forgot. Unlike previous presidents, this one isn’t supposed to use an event like this to political ends. :roll_eyes:

Paul, how many Democrats have, year after year, used Labor Day as campaign rally?


I know I watched some of the 4th of July party under President Obama and it seemed similar.


Well, I read the whole speech.

It was a rally speech. It wasn’t an inclusive speech to all people.

It was using the US tax payers’ money for a campaign event.

Yes, the incumbent for any race has an inherent advantage of using the trappings of the office. But Trump, with his, attacks on his political rivals, turned this into a campaign event.

By the way, Steven Miller included some fairly good things in the speech. If he used his power for good, this administration could unite people instead of divide them.

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Who did he leave out?

I just read the entire speech as well, and I encourage everyone else too. Here is a link:

It is simply your opinion that this was more of a campaign event than any of President Obama’s/Clintons.

But back to the OP: Does anyone support the protesters blocking the road so people can’t get there?

Define, please. What is an”inclusive speech”. If I say “Americans”, is that inclusive?

And this is different from previous presidents how?


Well…you know…because it’s Trump. And he’s really mean. And racist!

And he says some mean things about how progressives have brainwashed our kids in school…


Waiting anxiously for this executive order:

Perhaps this could be the first draft rendering of an artistic conception?

People who are grieving for loved ones killed by the police. That’s the number one social upheaval in our country right now.

The people who are grieving for loved ones sick or dead from Covid 19.

Not if you imply that those seeking change by removing monuments to racists and traitors are not Americans and should be resisted.

Presidential campaigns reimburse the US for campaign events using AF1, etc. Fairly routine, except for this one.

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