Protestors heckle Biden outside his Delaware church over abortion stance

Protestors heckle Biden outside his Delaware church over abortion stance

By Tamar Lapin November 1, 2020

A handful of protestors heckled Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden outside his Delaware church on Sunday — telling the former veep he was a “disgrace” to the Catholic faith, photos and video shows.

Three people were spotted outside St. Joseph on the Brandywine in Greenville holding signs decrying Biden’s position on abortion, in a photo posted on Twitter by Bloomberg News politics reporter Jennifer Epstein.

“Joe no devout Catholic supports abortion,” one of the signs read.


One has to totally agree with these protesters.


Joe Biden has stated he personally does not agree with abortion but cannot decide for anyone of another faith. I’d have to agree.

There is as much capability to stop it as there is to stop murder. Also, free will persists as long as God allows this world to continue, He has not revoked that.

I personally do not agree with abortion as a remedy and stand with the Pro-life concept from inception to natural death. I despise the murder most prevalent in this country at the hands of outrageous machines of war that gun down innocent children in classrooms, the strengthening of social networks for our veterans and elderly that in some cases solely rely on it…many things!

You want to change the minds of those considering abortion? Assist through the decision making process by means of love and if necessary monetary assistance and health care, we’re in this together.

Does Joe Biden also “personally oppose” rape and murder, but not think that he should impose his views on others?


No there’s not. Murder isn’t sanctioned and funded by the state.

If someone is about to commit a murder, I can lawfully intervene, with lethal force against the aggressor if need be.

If you’re arguing we should be able to do the same against abortionists then I agree, but I don’t think that’s what you’re saying.


Some of them very well might be from that parish.

And why is it called heckling to voice what you have heard Joe Biden and the party, he says HE is the party, say they are for? Truth hurts???


Is he even allowed to receive communion? Clearly he is someone who hates the unborn and wants to enact laws to have them murdered is not in good standing. Can the Pope Francis excommunicate him? I fear that is going to be the only way to try and reach Joe.


Canon Law automatically excommunicates anyone who has an abortion or assists in one. I forget the exact words.


Does that apply to lawmakers? Also, doesn’t the person have to know it will excommunicate them prior?

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Yet his actions have made it easier to have an abortion and he pledges to do more to make abortion more readily available and free. Does not sound like he is anti-abortion

The church has said you can not support choice.

Pope John Paul defining it but not using the words.

Pope St. John Paul II, Encyclical The Gospel of Life 74
Christians have a “grave obligation of conscience not to cooperate formally in practices which, even if permitted by civil legislation, are contrary to God’s law. Indeed, from the moral standpoint, it is never licit to cooperate formally in evil. […] This cooperation can never be justified either by invoking respect for the freedom of others or by appealing to the fact that civil law permits it or requires it”

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What do you mean ‘lawmakers’? If you mean politicians, it applies to all Catholics, how widely enforced it is varies but I should imagine Biden is well aware of the rules of the Church in this regard, he’s a reasonably well-educated man and issues with this and him been going on for many years.

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That was the old Biden, and even then he denied the duty to protect the innocent. Now he personally agrees with the dogma of his party, and will decide for others that they must support that dogma with their tax dollars.

This is a terrible scandal for him and for his church if priests do not follow canon law and refuse him communion until he publicly recants his pro-abortion policies.


I’m personally against human sacrifice to Baal, but as a Christian and not a Baalist, I can’t force my beliefs on others. /sarc


Let me state the obvious. Under that scenario, the old Biden would have virtually no chance at Presidency. But for South Carolina, he would have been already dead politically.

The way I see it, his top priority is to defeat Trump, who himself has been all over the place in his abortion position.

What a weak kneed defense of his complicity in furthering the killing of babies.If he were really serious about his faith he would denounce abortion in every phase. He has had 47 years to effect a change,he has done nothing.


His diocese in Delaware has a policy set by the bishop of not denying communion to any politician over their political position on abortion. So yes, he’s allowed to receive communion there.

He’s not excommunicated.

Lmao that’s the exact opposite of what the Church says though :joy:

Who is his diocesan bishop? . . . . How can a bishop be indifferent towards people like Joe Biden actively trying to subvert Christ’s teachings yet let him receive him in Holy Communion. . . . I will pray for this bishop and I will pray for Pope Francis to . . . intervene appropriately. . . . Lord Christ, forgive us!

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His bishop is Bishop Malooly of Wilmington, Delaware. Please feel free to write to him with any questions you have. I’m sure he’s already gotten a bag of mail.

Some bishops in other dioceses have stated that they will not give communion to Biden. I believe one of them was the bishop of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden’s hometown where he still might have family. However, that bishop resigned about 10 years ago. Don’t know what the new Scranton bishop’s policy is.

Edited to add, here is an article explaining that the USCCB is allowing each bishop to make this decision for their individual diocese.

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