Protests flare: Ferguson, mo


**Burn, baby, burn…**TOYS 'R US in Ferguson, Missouri, was one of the businesses burned by protesters after the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown was not indicted by a Grand Jury.

Were Justice Department Community Relations Services/CRS personnel on the scene helping to organize protests? This query is based on the Trayvon Martin shooting drawing secret Justice Department personnel to “provide support for protest deployment” and expending $5,318+ lobbying for George Zimmerman’s indictment. GZ was indicted for shooting TM to death after the teenager jumped the armed neighborhood watcher and part-time girlfriend beater; and found not guilty.

So…With speculation about “out-of-towners” fueling the destruction in Ferguson, when will the American public be informed of the status of the DOJ’s protest helpers in this case?

Why was Michael Brown’s death elevated to president-worthy comment and not the shooting death one month earlier and 12 miles away of one VonDerrit Myers, Jr.'s whose killer emptied seventeen .9 mm slugs into his body? The family says he was holding a turkey sandwich; but gang banger “Droop the Shooter” was allegedly firing at the security guard/off-duty police officer with a gun he had posed with earlier on the internet, yielding only minor protests of 300 or so and less than national attention. This case did, however, prime the protests now being seen in the burning of Ferguson


Of course, the media focuses on the burning and looting, which are inexcusable and counterproductive behavior in any case. However, at the same time, there are many peaceful protesters at the scene and elsewhere throughout the country, who draw much less attention, as well as many Blacks and Whites in Ferguson who are not out protesting at all. Why the attention to this particular incident? It is because a white police officer killed an unarmed black youth, and this tragic event is symptomatic of the way young black males have been treated by the police in many towns and cities throughout the U.S. for several decades. It is also because the town of Ferguson is predominantly Black while the police force is predominantly White. Finally, it is because the entire proceedings surrounding the grand jury were highly irregular in several ways, as Prosecutor Lisa Bloom so articulately pointed out on MSNBC.


The forensics supports the testimony of Wilson and others who claimed Brown made a charge at the officer.

If faced with the same cirumstances, a much larger fellow charging me, all the while knowing what he is capable of due to the first altercation in the squad car, I would of plugged the guy as well.

That is what it boils down to for me. The GJ made the right call.



I don’t agree. There are far clearer cases of police excessive use of force against blacks, yet they don’t get the press. They don’t get Al Sharpton and the other race baiters involved. Is it because they’re closer to major media outlets? Is it the family was more photogenic? Come’s off more sympathetic? Is it because initial reports were very skewed and the media went with it? The GJ didn’t indict because witnesses from the neighborhood- African Americans themselves-- verified Wilson’s story.

It amazes me that this story became the focal point for a protest (I don’t include the rioters taking advantage of a situation to exercise the proclivities for violence, vandalism and theft as protestors) and not a case like this-

A young black man in WalMart picks up a toy gun from the toy department and a fellow shopper calls 911. Describes him as doing things he just isn’t, the police rush in and kill him. He’s in a store, carrying a store product, talking on his cell phone and gets SWATed and killed. Why aren’t people raising the roof over that incident?


No jury decision ever makes everyone happy. Guilt or innocence is supposed to be determined in a court room with evidence. It’s not supposed to be determined by the media, the POTUS, or by rioting criminals. There’s no excuse for acting like a KKK lynch mob.


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