Protests Greet Graduation Speaker at Misercordia (Protests When Pro-Homosexual Priest Gave Graduation Address at Catholic School)

This Catholic priest has been much in the news in recent weeks because of his public acceptance of gay behavior. But when he came to give the keynote graduation address at this historical Catholic university in Pennsylvania, some Catholics came too to show their disapproval.

From the article:
<<<<<Robert Ritchie said the Rev. Martin’s assertion that Catholics should open their hearts and their church to homosexuals does not conform to Catholic doctrine.>>>>>
It doesn’t conform to Catholic doctrine? I don’t see how he can say that? At a recent Catholic Mass I attended, there was a sermon about how Jesus had accepted and loved outcasts. And as the sermon progressed from Jesus to Catholics today, it was preached that just as Jesus accepted and loved outcasts, so too as Catholics today we must accept and love homosexuals who are the current outcasts in today’s society.

Given that this is a private university, not state-funded, whoever the school wants to have as a speaker is the business of the University and possibly of church officials. If these protesters are not students, nor families of students, nor alums, they should not be having a say.

Obviously, Fr. Martin has not been kicked out of the priesthood and I just saw a copy of his book on saints in the book rack at one of my parishes which is not exactly a hotbed of liberal thought. Unless and until he does something actually out of line, I’m tired of all the whining about him.

Fr Martin seems to be a bit of a provocateur.
I don’t think he’s quite crossed the line into celebrating sinful behavior, but he dances awfully close.
I’ve seen statements around the internet to the effect of "see? Fr Martin likes us! Church teachings on gay sex are gonna change any day now. You watch!"
I don’t know his heart. But he is leading people astray.
:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: For Fr Martin
:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: For the whole world!

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