Protests in Anaheim After Off-Duty Cop Fires Gun During Clash With Teens


Twenty-four protesters — including 10 men, eight women and six juveniles — were arrested and there were reports of windows being broken and other acts of vandalism, Anaheim police spokesman Sgt. Daron Wyatt said in a statement early Thursday.


More on the incident.

                                        According to Quezada, two juveniles knocked the officer to the ground during some point in the altercation. Then, the officer discharged his weapon once.

The officer aimed the gun at the ground and not at any individual, Quezada said, citing consistent information gleaned from interviews with those at the scene.

                                      According to the radical left wing site It's Going Down, the officer's home was later spraypainted with obscene anti-police slogans and his car was vandalized.


Being knocked to the ground is not really a life threatening situation imo, just saying.


Especially since it was after he grabbed on to a teenage boy and refused to let go. If a strange adult grabbed my friend I’d definitely try to help him escape.


They were on his property and becoming aggressive. He apparently did not aim his gun at anyone.


From the article:

Sgt. Daron Wyatt, an Anaheim police spokesman, told NBC Los Angeles that the officer has been in an “ongoing dispute” with “a number of juveniles who continually walk across his property.”

“He’s asked them to stay off the property,” but on Tuesday, “it happened again, and it led to a verbal confrontation between the off-duty officer and a group of individuals,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt said statements indicated that the officer was “trying to detain the individual until the Anaheim PD could arrive based on an alleged threat that the 13-year-old was going to shoot the off-duty officer.”

Seems a lot of gray areas in the altercation. The police officer may have overreacted by pulling his weapon, but then again, one of the youths may have threatened to shoot him, which mitigates it. The kids continuously trespassing on the officer’s property is certainly a problem. The take away for me is this could have been avoided if the kids parents had bothered to teach them to respect others property.


If my friend had threatened to shoot said strange adult, I may have been a bit more reticent to get involved.

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