'Proud Boys' Emails Threatening Florida Voters Appear to Use Spoofed Email Address

‘Proud Boys’ Emails Threatening Florida Voters Appear to Use Spoofed Email Address


The emails, which read ‘Vote for Trump or else!’ have been delivered to Democratic voters using Estonian internet infrastructure.

Some Democratic voters in Florida have been receiving unsolicited emails purportedly from the Proud Boys, a far-right street-fighting gang. The emails are threatening: “Vote for Trump or else!” the subject line says.

“We are in possession of all your information,” the email reads. “You are currently registered as a Democrat, and we know this because we have gained access into the entire voting infrastructure. You will vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you. Change your party affiliation to Republican to let us know you received our message and will comply. We will know which candidate you voted for. I would take this seriously if I were you. Good luck.”

Motherboard obtained a full copy of one of the emails, which includes metadata and email headers. The email nominally says it was sent from the address “info@officialproudboys.com.” The headers have more clues about where it came from, or at least what infrastructure the senders used. The “client-ip” address in the headers points to an Estonian IP, suggesting the senders spoofed the email address displayed to receivers. The Proud Boys, on some of their official channels, have claimed to have nothing to do with the emails, though it is of course possible that someone involved with the Proud Boys was involved in spoofing the emails. Local media in Florida has reported that the FBI is investigating.

A man who received the email said the personal data included in the threatening email, including his full name, and home address, were accurate. Moreover, the email address where he received the message is “a one-off-email I only use for voting stuff,” he said.

Motherboard agreed to keep him anonymous because of the threatening nature of the email.

The email headers and the fact that this man’s email was unique to his voting records suggests that the Proud Boys, or whoever was pretending to be them, got the man’s details from public voter rolls, accessible to anyone. VICE was able to confirm that the man’s personal details are publicly available online just by searching for his first and last name, plus the keywords “democrat” and “Florida.”

The man, who works in the IT industry, explained that the message “was NOT originally detected as spam by Google,” and that he then marked it as such in an attempt to get Google to flag the same email to others as spam, and eventually block it.

Moreover, from his own analysis of the email metadata, he said it appears that the senders used a new domain and didn’t bother to set it up so people could even reply to it: “The host that sent the email looks like a throw-away hoster from Estonia,” he said.

Where is this item from?

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That site sounds a little iffy. If you read the OP there’s a lot of opinion thrown into what is supposed to be a news piece.

Check this take:

" Voters across Brevard County Tuesday afternoon received threatening emails purporting to come from the Proud Boys, a far-right group that espouses militant authoritarian ideology, telling them to vote for President Trump, or else.

The emails appear to follow a similar format, and come from the email address “info@officialproudboys.com.”

“Hi (name) We are in possession of all your information You are currently registered as a Democrat and we know this because we have gained access into the entire voting infrastructure. You will vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you. Change your party affiliation to Republican to let us know you received our message and will comply. We will know which candidate you voted for. I would take this seriously if I were you. (Voter’s address),” it read.

Donald Schwinn, 85, a snowbird registered to vote in Melbourne Beach, received one, telling FLORIDA TODAY “they’re trying to scare people into voting for Trump.”

“I don’t believe they have the resources to do this sort of thing,” he continued, adding: “It makes me ashamed to be an American to think that such a group would do such a thing: threaten voters.”

Voter intimidation is a federal offense subject to up to one year imprisonment.

Voter email addresses and physical addresses are generally public records available upon request.

The domain for the sender’s email “officialproudboys.com” was inactive by Tuesday afternoon although the site does appear to have been previously affiliated with the Proud Boys group. According to WUFT, internet records show that control over the internet address, created in March 2017, was changed Monday night.

Local officials are scrambling to get on top of the situation as reports came in Tuesday afternoon. Emails shared with FLORIDA TODAY show they went out between 3pm and 4pm.

Kimberly Boelzner, spokesperson for Brevard Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott, said their office has received several reports of such emails and are awaiting guidance from the state division of elections.

“We’re advising voters to report it to local law enforcement,” she said."

Not just Florida.

Voter fraud by Republicans via nefarious means.

Oh on the contrary.

should I continue with more?


The first seems to be a garden-variety prank. Why would a Republican, if that’s what this mail carrier is, care whether Democrats got Democrat primary ballots or Republican ones?

The second may be fake news. The supposed perpetrators have not been arrested, though this supposedly happened some time ago.

No. The Estonian one is Democrat “false flag” operation. They’re the ones who use eastern European resources for eleciton interference.

And I’m sure the DNC has provided plenty of similar bogus stories. Maybe it has even re-worked the Steele dossier and put later dates on it. As with Hillary and the DNC crocking up the “dossier” to divert attention from her destroying the 30,000 emails, things like this are probably being cooked up at DNC to divert attention from the Biden family criminality. I’m sure there are more to come.


The point is, that it was a REPUBLICAN was being nefarious.

So you say, just like Hillary and the DNC said Trump was in collusion with the Russians when it was them the whole time. Looks like Putin is endorsing the Dem party now. I can see why. He’s probably a majority shareholder of the party by now.


On the eve of the final presidential debate, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced at an election security news conference that Iran and Russia “have taken specific actions to influence public opinion related to our elections.”

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe confirmed that Iran is sending fake emails posing as the far-right Proud Boys with the intention of aiding Democratic nominee Joe Biden.


So this was Iran. Oy!


Or someone disguised as Iran.

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Even Washington Post says it was Iran.



The Iranians being the perpetrators makes perfect sense. They are not pleased with Trumps sanctions and do not want him re-elected. It’s also why certain groups of Iranian supporters, like Hezbollah in Lebanon don’t want him re-elected, either.

The only rumors of Russia’s involvement with our voting is sowing doubts about the legality and fairness of our elections. They seem to be behind many of the fraud claims that the Republicans have bought into. They might have a preference for who wins or loses but they have a much larger interest in Americans not trusting the results as that undermines our democracy.


Tim Pool

RidgeSprinter. Appealing to the self-proclaimed Atheist who is a Holy Eucharist stealer and Jesus blasphemer P.Z. Myers blog as “news”??

I never want to hear a complaint from you again over my news sourcing after seeing this.

RidgeSprinter . . .

should I continue with more?



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