Proud Boys Infighting Sees Leading Member Form Breakaway Group to Fight 'White Genocide'

I don’t want to quote the “Proud Boys” here (I think communication is on the ugly side). But it looks like there was a change in leadership. The new leader says they will nolonger have as a leader a token black person, uses some phrases associated with anti-semitism, and says some things expressing superiority of white people.

As the Proud boys have often been a topic of discussion here, often along side assertions that they are not a white supremacist group, I’m share this article here.


So the Tiger is showing it’s stripes.

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Proud Goys: I love it. It would be funny if it were not so serious.


I got a laugh when there was a brief moment when the hashtag #ProudBoys on Twitter was dominated by gay men.

Interesting article.

I see a lot of posts on YouTube videos of Jordan Peterson saying the same thing about white genocide.

The posters hate gays, Jews, non-White people, and white women. I also see not only anti Semitic posts but anti-Catholic posts as well.

They pretty much hate almost everyone.

This has me wondering why I see have encountered some defenses of them here on CAF.


I have seen some CAF posters who share the same views as these YouTube posters.

Only difference is that the CAF version is usually not anti-Catholic.


You noticed that too?

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They were especially plentiful in the previous version of CAF, before it was changed.

Oh yeah, not I remember a person that disappeared after the forum changed software. The person, who used the name of a long dead philosopher, expressed that he thought it was important that we maintain the purity of the races and wanted minorities sent back to “their home countries.”

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the hard right will always defend their “conservative views” no matter how extreme.It’s why this poison is spread so easily.

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I remember that poster.

There was another poster who said that non white people were not capable of any type of morality.

I thought that I accidentally visited the Stormfront website instead of CAF.

I know the saying “haters gunna hate” has validity until, I really wonder what happened in their lives that turned them into hating so many of the “other”. We’re they just taught this by their parents and accept it as true? Did someone harm them once so they attach that to the entire group? Do they just enjoy living in fear that someone’s going to get something they want and can’t get? Is it due to such a strong inferiority complex that their only way to reconcile their feelings of inferiority is to blame all “others”? Combinations of the above?

I’d really like to understand how these people became the way they are so we could hopefully try to eliminate it in the future! I also tend to be hopelessly optimistic! :hugs:

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Most of all they especially seem to hate themselves I always think.

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