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I want to first thank all of those who read this thread and know that I had no idea where to post this question.

I would like to mention that I am technically a baby Catholic and so I am still learning and trying to understand my Catholic brothers and sisters and etc. My question: is it wrong to be proud or even proud to show that you are Catholic? I know there is a good and bad type of pride by which one is negative and the other is positive.

I ask this question because coming into the faith I am the one who sees things differently because I am looking through the experience I have lived in; anyways I notice that many like to hide their faith and will tell others who are more open to who they are that they should not do that openly.

I got over a year ago a message from one of my parishioners who wrote to me that I should not write any priests name on my blog or put my name on anything especially a blog because if an atheist professor of mine saw this they would grade me with a bias. And at the end of the email the parishoner then tells me that I should only write about my faith in a Christian based websites only. How are we to show our faith to those who do not understand our faith? Was it not true that after Jesus’ death and resurrection, did not the apostles openly show their faith and proclaim Jesus?

I was very hurt because in this world I can tell you Christians and Catholics are sometimes opressed from expressing our beautiful faith. I know I do not push my faith on anyone because I know that I need to show my faith and allow my prayers to help convert those who had yet found God or are in denial of His existence. Being upset about this I wanted to write to this parishioner that if they (being the professors) never noticed the Pope Benedict XVI shirt, medals, rosary, and prayer book then they were blind. But, I was wondering do you think?

I am sorry that I wrote this in rambles and long, but though I have left this issue a year ago; I noticed it shows itself on and off since then and it bothers me that I feel that I am being told by people who are my Catholic brothers and sisters that I cannot show my love for Jesus and the Church unless it is inside the parish or with an alias.

God bless and in Christ,
Nikita o.p.

The bad sort of pride is when one has pride in one’s own attributes or talents or fruits, as though he, himself, and not God, were responsible for them.

It is by no means wrong, however, to take pride in belonging to the Church, as you are taking pride in the Church, not in yourself. That sort of pride can be compared with patriotism, for example. No one would argue that it’s wrong to be proud to be an American, or a Canadian, or an Englishman, &c.

In my opinion, a Catholic best shows his faith by example rather than with an excess of logo t-shirts, pins, religious jewelry, bumper stickers and the like. There isn’t anything wrong with those things in and of themselves, of course, but it’s best when using such externals to do so modestly and tastefully.

Nothing says “oddball” like a guy who walks into the room wearing a giant crucifix and miraculous medal over his shirt and tie, with an “I Love B16!” pin on his lapel. There is a way to wear religious symbols, and a way not to. To overdo things and make an ostentatious show of them sends the wrong message, one of potential fanatacism. And fanatacism is the excess of a healthy pride in one’s faith or beliefs.

I think a Catholic makes his best presentation when he stands out, not because of what he’s wearing, but because of his exemplary behaviour.


I am long past the time of attending any school so I don’t have to worry about such garbage as professors downgrading me for my beliefs.

Also I see you are a Dominican 3rd order; Congratulations. I am very partial to the Dominicans and their ancient rite of Mass.

Yes, I am very proud of being a Catholic. I wear a crucifix around my neck everywhere I go. And I don’t really care what people think. Part of being Catholic is to let people know who you are and what you believe. I don’t jump up on a soap box and preach on a street corner or corner folks on any particular topic. But I don’t hide my Catholicism either.

We will be persecuted for our belief. Its to be expected and we will be called to stand strong for our faith.

Perhaps, if your University is such a den of secularism you may want to look for a good traditional Catholic college. My son tells me that the Catholic College of Wyoming is excellent.

God Bless you in your journey.

Quoted for truth!

The early Christians were able to convert many despite persecutions because of their exemplary behavior. Charity and humility certainly goes way, way further in showing the Christian faith than a i-heart-JC t-shirt.

I have to say that it is not really the secularism of a university that bothers me it is one of my own parishoners who wishes to tell me I should not show I am Catholic and if I do it has to be Christian area (pretty much if it is not in our parish) or website.

I guess I might be not looking at it the way people see it, it just bothers me that there are some Catholics who I know are very faithful to God and yet they are so determined to hide their faith from the secular world. It just doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe I do not see that mind set.

Sorry to bother people about this.

Nikita, op

Wow, that’s rather sad, to have your religion held against you at your school…I’d think they couldn’t do that…but, I’d venture to say they would, anyhow.

I am rather hesitant to state that I’m NOT religious…I fear that people will think less of me. Ironically, my 13 year old is more open than I with his lack of belief.

Any chance of you transferring to Steubenville?

Nikita, I think you should just ignore what they are saying to you and pray for them. There is nothing wrong with being proud to be Catholic. I went to a secular university and my professors didn’t care what I was. We had many good discussions in class as a result. It is sad to see some Catholics hide their faith but there is no reason too. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let this person get to you.

It used to be worth something to be a Catholic, such as JFK was.

Nowadays, if you’re Catholic or call yourself Catholic, they barely notice.

Unless you’re an ex-Catholic or an ex-priest.

I have been thinking of going to a Catholic University, but I am worried to always get rejected.

How about Joyful to be catholic instead of proud.

Some guys are proud to be successful and rich in business. But it’s hard to be “proud” about having stumbled across a football sized diamond in the woods and having become rich for merely recognizing and taking advantage of it. That’s like catholicism. We can’t really be “proud” of it because we didn’t invent it or even build it. It was given to us. We can be joyful about it, and that DOES mean sharing it with others. Even others that might return our joy with scorn or oppression.

Ask your fellow parishioner what the bible says about putting your light under a basket… :wink:

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