Proudly South African


I am so proud of my country right now. We have people from all over the world coming to see SA for the Fifa 2010 World Cup. The opening ceremoney was wow they really made it traditional. At least the world gets to see what SA is really about.

And that even though we have our fair share of problems we are still a place that people can visit and have a good time.

The support that our country has given everyone is great. Well done SA.


Agreed with every word, Robaynne, and I feel especially proud since there were so many (even in SA) who said we’d never do it, the stadiums wouldn’t be ready, there’d be no transport, etc.


I am also proud of SA right now (though i'm not South African) i really think they are doing a pretty good job with the organization. though i wish they wont blow those Vuvuzelas so loudly. I appreciate the African identity thingy with the vuvuzela but if only the volume can be a bit lower.

Go SA!


Those Vuvuzelas drive me up the wall. I had to get them for my kids I so regretted as they make such a noise. I tried to blow that thing last week Friday it takes alot of work and I do not even smoke. How do people manage to blow those things I do not know.

But I must admit even though they are loud and drive you crazy they really boost people because people get into the vibe of things. My country has really gone out of their way to make this World Cup work. For months we had to suffer with road works and they were busy with all different projects. But at last the World Cup is here and even our local SA people are supporting other teams not only SA. They are going to other matches and really making the effort.

Even the way that people are dressing they are really showing their support. On people's cars they have little flags of SA and also their other favourite teams. From adults all the way down to the little kids are wearing all different kinds of soccer t-shirts to support their fav teams.

So far so good I hope that it stays that way.


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