Prove it - Catholic Teen Bible

Hello - I’d like to get my nephew a copy of Amy Wellborn’s “Prove It - Catholic Teen Bible” but before I do I need to know if it’s approved by the Catholic Church. How would I find this out? Thanks so much! - Anne

I don’t know that the Church has an official position on this book. However, it is comforting to know that they sell it at, which is a faithful site in my experience.

It is also recommended by Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, a professor at the Franciscan University, one of the most faithful Catholic colleges in the United States. Dr. D’Ambrosio has often appeared on the Catholic Answers radio show, too.

I would say those are 2 good signs anyway. :o

Here’s the book on the Our Sunday Visitor website:

Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible

If you have any questions you can contact OSV. They’re pretty good about getting imprimatur’s on their books, and I know the rest of the “Prove It!” books have them. I would assume the “Prove It! Teen Bible” is no exception. Amy Welborm also writes many of OSV’s pamphlets, as well as a number of books refuting The DaVinci Code. From what I’ve seen of her work, they all seem pretty solid and in-line with Church teaching.

I have this book (I work with teens in our parish youth group) and highly recommend it for anyone who would like an easy, at your fingertips, resource for basic apologetics. There are several divider pages with different topics that typically come under attack, along with appropriate responses, scripture references and Catechism references. It’s great!

Although I can’t give you an “official” stamp of approval from the Church, I can say that Amy Welborn is highly respected for her orthodoxy. I think buying this book for your nephew is a safe bet.:thumbsup:


the translation is the NAB approved by US Bishops (most of it) for liturgy, the “inserts” by Amy Wellborn, are terrific, the right length, right topics, teen friendly, well done, pithy, true to church teaching, and pointing where to find it in the bible (which is the point of any commentary on the bible). bought a case for catechists to evaluate, may change to this for our Confirmation bible if they like it, tho it costs a bit more than what we have now (International Student bible for Catholics p.b. from Thomas Nelson, which has a good Q&A section in the front).

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