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Anybody know a good bible study for the Proverbs? I heard from a family or 2 of the practice of reading 1 proverb for every day of the month as a daily scripture reading. I’ve tried this at home, but sometimes I have some difficulty really interpreting the scripture. Anybody know any good references for studying these? Thanks in advance.


This is excellent-
Now that the Navarre Bible New Testament project has been completed, the editors have turned their attention to the Old Testament. This volume “Psalms & Song of Solomon” is the fourth result of that effort, following up on the well-received “Chronicles to Macabees”.

This volume is interesting because of the editorial choice to include the Song of Solomon with the translation of the Psalms. It is my hope that those (many) persons who are familiar with the Psalms but NOT the Song of Solomon will take the opportunity to explore this very interesting book of the Bible

The primary text is the Catholic version of the widely regarded “Revised Standard Version”. Included as well is the New Latin Vulgate. Sandwiched between is excellent expository verse-by-verse commentary on the Scripture text. The commentary is taken from a conservative, tradition, yet scholarly Catholic perspective.

Very Highly Recommended

Get it at

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That’s a very helpful post, JohnRussell. At the time I did a study on Proverbs, I didn’t know of any Catholic resources, so I used a couple scholarly commentaries (Tyndale, actually). I liked them.

Another way to do Proverbs is to read one chapter per day for a month. There are 31 chapters and that pretty well fits into a month. I used a modern language translation to help with figuring out what was meant.


Hi, You can try this resource too. It’s a work in progress translating Aquinas commentary-
Commentary on the Psalms

Thanks to those readers who have offered their helpful suggestions. We continue to be encouraged by, and grateful for, the responses we have received so far. Let us emphasize that these translations are, for the most part, works in progress, which will be improved upon gradually, mostly through the collective efforts of those who partake in the Project. We thus strongly encourage you to help us out in whatever way you can. A French translation of Thomas’s Commentary on the Psalms is now available either in book form (Thomas D’Aquin, Commentaire sur les Psaumes, Introduction, traduction, notes et tables par Jean-Éric Stroobant de Saint Éloy, OSB, Préface de Mark D. Jordan, Paris, Cerf, 1996, 796 pp., ISBN 2-204-05267-1), or on the web at
Proemium - [size=2]translated by Hugh McDonald
Psalm 1 and commentary - translated by Hugh McDonald
Psalm 2 and commentary - translated by Stephen Loughlin
Psalm 3 and commentary - translated by Stephen Loughlin
Psalm 7 and commentary - translated by Steven DePangher
Psalm 8 and commentary - translated by Gregory Sadler
Psalm 10 and commentary - translated by Stephen Loughlin
Psalm 11 and commentary - translated by Gregory Sadler
Psalm 12 and commentary - translated by Ian Levy
Psalm 13 and commentary - translated by Ian Levy

There’s more on the site than here.

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