Providence College/Theology Question


My question is for anyone here who has gone to or knows about Providence College, particularly their theology programs. I am currently intending on going there next fall to pursue an M.A. in Theology. There are a wide range of things I would like to do with this degree which range from teaching to Catholic publishing. Has anyone gotten or knows about someone who has gotten a degree from there and what there post graduate experience has been?

Also I am trying to find out about the job prospects of people looking for high school theology teaching positions or director of religious education positions.

One final thing is that I am considering College of the Holy Apostles in Connecticut as they seem to have a wide range of specialization and was wondering if anyone can comment on their, as well.

I like Providence because of the background in Dominican spirituality and feel it lines up well with my own approach to spirituality. On their website they described the symbolism of the Dominican colors black and white depicting bringing opposites into a greater unity. After looking up a little more about St. Dominic and the order this greatly appealed to me as I have always felt this kind of calling. My undergraduate background is in biology and world religions and I feel compelled to explain Catholic beliefs to those of other faiths/cultures or those without faith who have an interest in science and to explain the beliefs of those mentioned back to Catholics.

Thank you for any advice you are willing to give!


If you want authentic teaching about the Catholic faith now a days you should call and ask how many of their theology professors take the Mandatum because not enough of them do in the US Catholic schools even though John Paul II made it a requirement of Catholic colleges and universities for their theology departments. Notre Dame has a female theology professor who is not Catholic and who was educated for 9 years at the beacon of liberalism at Yale she has several books about how the persecution of early Christians isn’t how the Church makes it out to be. I think the truly Catholic Universities are Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ava Maria University, Christendom College and Mount Saint Mary’s.


The Domincans are awesome!! They rock. You are lucky to be able to study there. I have known several priests who graduated from there and several who taught there and they have all been fantastic.

We have a Dominican order in our Archdiocese and I have learned soooo much about the faith just from listening to their homilies. They are also very holy men.


I think a DRE position might be easier to find than a HS theology teacher. There are a lot more parishes than Catholic High Schools and there is ofter a big turnover of DRE’s with retirement and often a new pastor comes in and doesn’t like the current DRE. But that is one of the drawbacks of being a DRE, poor job security, and lower pay.


Thank you everyone for your advice, I will take it into consideration. I recently visited Providence and really like it, so I will definitely be applying.


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