Providing a Witness


Hey all, so I have been discerning for a while, but I've recently just gave up. Primarily because I have so much debt that a community wouldn't take me anyways (student loans ugh). Nonetheless, I was reading through some of St. Francis's writings and I came across the Secular Orders.

Now I am very much in love with St. Francis, our lives are...similar at best and our experiences at parallel in many respects. I've thought of making a life change though, but shedding off the clothes of the secular and shedding on the clothes of the religious through a habit of St. Francis. Now why? Well I have read that the Secular Order back in the day wore the habit of the the Holy Father Francis in their day to day lives. As a student at a university, I feel that this would be a good way to witness the faith and lead others to Christ. My heart is transformed by the Gospels, it has been brought into fruition by the grace of the Father, it calls and longs for the teaching of others for the salvation of souls, to be both martyr and witness to the world. I also know that there are some orders in rome (Franciscan Secular) that still today wear the habit.

Primarily I would like to get your opinion on this, just from a general standpoint. I haven't been Catholic for long, so its always nice to get my brothers and sisters in Christs understanding and what they think of the subject.

Pax et Bonum.

P.S Been Catholic for 1 year and 10 months.


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