Proving infallibility of the Church


I found the article ‘Proving Inspiration’ under ‘Scripture and Tradition’ very informative and well written. I’ve been trying to make the argument as tight as possible in my head, but I need some help really showing that this church that Jesus started is clearly infallible. What passages make it clear that the Church he is starting is infallible? I’m a little worried that the passages my be subject to interpritation, which throws off the whole purely historical argument. Along these same lines, I’ve been playin devil’s advocate with myself, and I ask ‘even if the church is infallible, how do we know that it wasn’t part of God’s plan and he worked through Martin Luther to create His true Lutheran church’ or something along those lines. I know thats absurd, but I’m trying to cover all bases and be ready for anything the Fundamentalists say. If anyone can refer me to some article, book, or has any ideas let me know. Thank you!


Here’s a resource that you can use to select verses for evidence:

You also have other evidence you can use here:


The greatest proof lies in the very words of Jesus. He stated that the “gates of hell” itself would not be able to come up against his church. This has proven true. Think of it, 2,000 years have passed and the Catholic church which Jesus started still stands and is larger than ever dreamed. One BILLION strong!

                                  Also Jesus said that when the comforter would come(the Holy Spirit) he would GUIDE those within the church INTO ALL TRUTH. This has also come true. The church has never been forsaken by God's Holy Spirit and more understanding of God's truths are available now, than ever before in printed form and even in software.

                                   But the greatest proof is the historical acid test. I URGE you to go to website and purchase the book "The Four Witnesses" by Ron Bennent. In this great book you will discover just what four of the earliest fathers believed and died  for concerning the faith of the early church. After you are done reading this book, go out on your own and search what church you find that teaches the SAME basic truths that these church fathers lived and died for. You will find it is none other than the present day Catholic Church. I ask you to take this simple challenge and see for yourself if what I'm saying is not true.


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