Proximate Occasion of Sin

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I am confused on what the proximate occasion of sin is. Thank you!

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A near occasion (proximate) for mortal sin is basically that which due to its nature or for for the person in particular – it *generally *or even always leads one to commit the mortal sin (or is likely to) in question.

There are those things that are so for basically anyone and there are some things that are particular to a particular person.

(as opposed to a remote occasion to such).

VERY well stated.

If you are “proximate” to a mortal sin, you’ve gotten too close! There’s no such thing as “almost” a sin, it either is or isn’t. Getting close to mortal sin is like getting close to a bonfire – too close and you will get burned.

Yes normally one is to avoid such.

Though there can be at times “necessary” near occasions - a confessor can guide one.

Quite right. However, I’ve been “burned” often enough in the past 60 years to run like heck when I think I’m getting that close! A bit shy of sins as I age – the end is a lot closer than when I was 20 and couldn’t even imagine it. Back then, I thought 40 was REALLY old, now I’m wiser, but got “burned” a lot when I was young!

Great post. I’m surprised I can’t find this in the CCC Index. Fr John Hardon’s pocket dictionary has a nice, concise opening: situation(s) that is (are) likely to lead a person into sin.
But Hardon has little follow-up, such as, are they to be avoided? Is it a sin not to avoid a proximate occasion? What’s a good source of comment? I’ll try web search.

yes it can be a sin.

(note too though that there are times even ‘necessary’ proximate occasions - where one still does what one can to make it more remote --but which are not avoidable)

(various works of moral theology and of the Spiritual life etc will be helpful – as will a regular confessor)

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