Does anyone know of an on-line Prummer for reference use? It sure would be nice.


Most people will have no idea what a Prummer is by your post alone. I assume you are referring to the Handbook of Moral Theology, by Dominic Prummer. It’s out of print, and I’m not finding it online (although I’ve found a few places where you can buy one). Maybe someone who has a hard copy of it will put it online.

Yes, I meant the Handbook by Prummer. It would be an excellent resource for the types of discussions that go on here if it was available on-line. I found it recently and think it is a wonderful book. If available here it would be a sort of “last word” on the subject at hand.


Lol!! I thought you were asking for a plumber! Back to the drawing board for me…:rotfl:

It would not be a “last word” on the subject at hand. I have the work and make use of it. But it is to be noted that it represents a particular approach and particular time (some things are dated -disciplines etc) and the Church has since called for a “renewal of moral theology” at the Second Vatican Council.

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