Psalm 10:1 and Psalm 46:1 contradict each other?

Psalm 10:1

Why do you (God) hide yourself in times of trouble?

Psalm 46:1

God is… a very present help in trouble

This appears to be a contradiction, can someone explain?

From Haydock Commentary (partial) Psalm 10:

  • Why, O Lord, hast thou retired afar off? why dost thou slight us in our wants, in the time of trouble?

– Trouble. God assists his servants in distress; (v. 10,) yet sometimes he delays, in order “to inflame their souls with a desire of his coming.” S. Aug.
— He is present, (Acts. xvii. 28.) but only the men of prayer are truly sensible either of it, or of his absence. Bert.
— The weak think he defers his aid a long time when they suffer any great persecution.

From Haydock Commentary (partial), Psalm 46:2

  • Our God is our refuge and strength: a helper in troubles, which have found us exceedingly

Ver. 2. Troubles. Those of English Catholics have been very great; yet they increase. W.

As poetry, it’s perfectly reasonable that we see juxtaposition in the text. The author at one point in time feels that God has left him, yet at another time praises Him for his presence when most needed. Seems like a very realistic human interpretation of experience to me.

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Why are they contradictions?

GOD can manifest Himself to us in different ways, HE is after all GOD.

So if it appears to us that GOD is not present when we are in trouble it may well be that in that particular instance it is good for us to feel that way.

And by converse it is true that if GOD is assisting us then we are invincible. But that does not mean that HE has ever abandoned us. And the Psalms are expressions of human feelings and emotions toward GOD, after all is it not what songs are all about?

Ok it makes sense now thanks

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