Psalm 11 Verse 3


In Psalm 11, Verse 3 states:

When foundations are being destroyed,
what can the upright do?

What are the “foundations” in reference to?


From the DR:

For they have destroyed the things which thou hast made: but what has the just man done?


The various commentaries I have read suggest that the foundations referred to are the foundations of social order, of both the religious and the political order. In the political order, I suppose the actions of corrupt politicians and judges are among the things meant. In the religious order, I suppose the actions of wicked priests are among the things meant. The actions of those who promote abortion and try to undermine traditional marriage might also be included.


Alternatively , Foundations could mean the theory of evolution which undermines
the Biblical account of beginnings , the Creation and Fall of Our First Parents,
and ultimately the reliability of the Bible itself


Is this a homework question?
Just curious.


I think also of those times when the religious leaders (bishops & priests) are killed or imprisoned; churches destroyed; … such that Mass and the sacraments are no longer available for the faithful.
This of course also implies the likelihood of an intolerant and oppressive political order that either orders the actions or turns a blind eye them.

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