Psalm 139 - Commentary by Tillich


The Escape From God - by Paul Tillich ((Psalm 139 Commentary))

  1. …Every psychiatrist and confessor is familiar with the tremendous force of resistance in each personality against even trifling self-revelations. Nobody wants to be known, even when he realizes that his health and salvation depend upon such a knowledge. We do not even wish to be known by ourselves. We try to hide the depths of our souls from our own eyes. We refuse to be our own witness. How then can we stand the mirror in which nothing can be hidden?

I found this whole commentary fascinating. What I’d never heard before is that my years of intentional kicking against ‘religious rules’ was actually an acting out of my subconscious rejection of God within. How ridiculously, and shamefully, I did spend my younger years…

  1. …Man tries to escape God, and hates Him, because he cannot escape Him. The protest against God, the will that there be no God, and the flight to atheism are all genuine elements of profound religion. And only on the basis of these elements has religion meaning and power.


You may be interested in reading The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson as a beautiful poetic response to this attempted escape by the soul from God.


We don’t read the same meaning in “The Hound of Heaven”; it has a decidedly ‘demonesque’ quality, to me. :wink:


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