Psalm 21: 7

Ps. 21: 7 You make him the PATTERN of blessings forever…

What Hebrew word is translated to PATTERN?


I find that used only in the NAB. Was it inserted?

Good observation…:confused:

Nothing that I can find
תחדהו בשמחה
את פניך

reads: for
you have made him
you have made him exceeding glad
with thy countenance

I guess (??) just something the NAB translators added, but there is no word I can find for PATTERN.

I thought I was going crazy.


The NAB is numbered slightly different than other translations here, it is 21:6 in some other versions. They have given a paraphrase here with the Hebrew word barakah-blessing, why I don’t know. There is nothing to indicate a symbol or likeness of a blessing. I checked other ancient versions and even the Dead Sea Scrolls and there is nothing that they could have drawn that from.

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