Psalm 51 something I noticed original sin

So the feast day of the emaculate conception has passed recently and after praying psalm 51 3 times verse 5 and 6 stood out, best scriptural verse on original sin and being born a sinner

Yes, we were
“conceived in iniquity”, that
is we have “inherited” the
concupiscence of our fore-
father, Adam. However God
prepared Mary in such a way
that the inherited sin of Adam
didn’t touch her!!


…yeah, it is an excellent passage!

…did you noticed that the passage is also demonstrating ***how ***and ***why ***the Virgin was Immaculately Conceived?

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Can you explain this to me in more detail? First time I hear that these verses talk about the immaculate conception. I can see why, but I would like to have a better explanation to explain it better when someone asks about the immaculate conception.

Hi, Gabbanelli!

Here’s the definition given by the Church:

In the Constitution Ineffabilis Deus of 8 December, 1854, Pius IX pronounced and defined that the Blessed Virgin Mary “in the first instance of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace granted by God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the human race, was preserved exempt from all stain of original sin.” (

…here’s the Scriptural passage (Psalm 51):

5 Surely I was sinful at birth,
sinful from the time my mother conceived me.

6 Yet you desired faithfulness even in the womb;
you taught me wisdom in that secret place.

…verse 5 speaks to the Fall; through Adam’s failure humanity inherits sin (Original Sin); from birth we are already separated from God.

Verse 6 tells us that even in the womb God demands that we align ourselves with His Salvific Plan… right in the womb God visits His people, specially the chosen ones: Prophets.

In the womb God instructs and guides…

It is God’s determination that those who serve Him do so according to His Will; the Incarnation of the Word would require no less of such stringent qualifications: Visit, Teach, Guide.

Yet, it is not a mere servant that is Conceived in the Virgin so it goes to God’s Holiness to prepare for the Incarnation a Womb that is beyond the iniquities brought about by sin.

…so while all of humanity are chosen and prepared to serve/adhere to God, the Virgin is prepared to Conceive the Holy One… the Flesh inherited must be pure… and just as no sacrificial offering can cleans man of sin, the Virgin could not be purified except through God’s direct intervention in her Immaculate Conception.

…this is what I glimpsed from the passage; I hope it helps!

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Thanks for the replies but a few things I need to clear up. This is not about questioning the immaculate conception or mary sinless through special graces by God but us being born sinners and I got the psalm 51 from mary the mystical rose which in a vision said to pray it on dec 8 on the feast day

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