Psalm 95: 1-2

Psalm 95

In verse two: “Let us greet Him with song of praise”

In the Hebrew or LXX, Does Him refer to the Rock?


The word in Hebrew (tsoor) is translated 64 times to mean “rock” .
Other places as strength 5, sharp 2, God 2, beauty 1, edge 1, stones 1, mighty One 1, strong 1,besiege 21, lay siege 3, distress 3, bind 2, adversaries 1, assault 1, bags 1, beset 1, cast 1, fashioned 1, fortify 1, inclose 1, bind up 1

As a formal name it means “Rock” and is transcribed as Zur.

Zuriel means ‘my rock is God’
Zurishaddai =" my rock is almighty"

In anticipation of your next question, although I believe that the rock that the church is built upon is Christ because of this and other scriptures, I also believe that Peter had a special calling to ‘feed My sheep’, and that recognizing Peter as "THE Rock’ is not required in order to acknowledge his special calling.

*Disclaimer… I am not RCC so you might solicit other answers.



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