Psalm in secular music?


I'm sorry of this is in the wrong area; I wasn't sure where else to put it.

I need to find a secular song that incorporates a psalm. The psalm has to be at least 8 lines long.

Please help! I'm at my wit's end!!



Boney M. Rivers of Babylon. Four lines of Psalm 137, and one line from Psalm 19.

The Byrds Turn, Turn, Turn (written by Pete Seeger) is taken from the book of Ecclesiastes.

The Wikipedia entry for Rivers of Babylon says...

It is one of a few pop songs whose lyrics come directly from the Bible (See also Turn! Turn! Turn! by Pete Seeger, 40 by U2, and The Lord's Prayer by Sister Janet Mead).

So, if you look up 40 by U2 (based on Psalm 40) then you might be at the end of your search.

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