Psalms attributed to David


Did David write psalms only when he was the King of Israel?



Nope. Psalm 23, for instance. Shepherd boys had little else to do, so it’s plausible he wrote his shepherdry-themed psalms while working as a shepherd.


Some of the titles of the psalms give the situation of the psalm being composed, and some of these come from before David was king, such as

Psalm 34:

Of David, when he feigned madness before Abimelech,* who drove him out and he went away.

This is descriptive of 1 Sam 12, when David fled to Gath (a Philistine town) to escape King Saul. Psalm 56 also was composed at Gath.

Psalm 59:

. . . A miktam of David, when Saul sent people to watch his house and kill him.

1 Sam 19.

Similarly, Psalms 52 (1 Samuel 22:9), 54 (1 Samuel 23:19), 57 (1 Samuel 24:1), and 18 (1 Samuel 24:11–12) all are identified with events before David became King–most refer to David fleeing from or hiding from Saul.


Acts 4 : 25 states that Psalm 2 is by David.


Hebrews 4 : 7 states that Psalm 95 is written by David.


Acts 2:34-35 states that Psalm 110 is by David. :harp:


CyrilSebastian, the question is not whether David wrote psalms, but whether he only wrote them as King.

He played music to soothe King Saul, so it’s likely he composed some music, and perhaps psalms in those years.


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