Psalms Commentary?


I’m looking for a better understanding of the Psalms. Not necessarily a scholarly commentary, something more along the lines of thoughtful meditations. I’d really like to find something that has some cross-references and helps me understand the context of the Psalm better.

Do you have a favorite? Thanks in advance.


The Navarre Bible commentary on the Psalms, and the Song of Solomon. It uses the RSV-CE text and has good Catholic commentary! It comes in a nice hardback volume.


As often happens, I don’t think to search for things until someone in CAF asks the question, so I haven’t read these but will keep them for when I get to Psalms.

The first one says it’s in chronological order (I admit, I didn’t know they were ‘out of order’ ). Numbers 3 and 4 may be more of what you are looking for, with cross-references.

1. The golden treasury Psalter; being an edition with briefer notes of the Psalms (1870)

2. A Translation and Commentary of the Book of Psalms

**3. The Treasury of the Psalter: An Aid to the Better Understanding of the Psalms in Their Use for Public and Private Devotion **

(This is a free Google e-book. If someone doesn’t want a Google account, just rest over the “Free E-book” red button until the menu appears and pick “PDF” at bottom.)

p. 586 - “Index of Passages of Scripture – referred to or incorporated in the Psalms, or in which portions of the Psalms are quoted or fulfilled.”

In this index, there are notations that I can’t find the meaning of: n. and T. in combos.

Psalm References (across from the Bible references)

LVII. n.
LVII. T. n.
XXXI. 15 & n.

4. Companion Bible has an Appendix with Bible References for the Psalms.

Appendix 63: The Book of Psalms and Misc. Phenomena


Augustine’s Expositions on the Psalms


I second the Navarre. It is both scholarly and pastoral. They make it a point to try to relate both the original context, and how the Psalm has been fulfilled in the light of Jesus.


Have a look on the vatican website for St John Paul 2’s general audiences from 2001 onwards until his death and then Pope Benedict XVI from 2005 to 2006. There are a whole series of them about the psalms. Well worth reading for easy to understand explanations!
God bless


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