Psalms for Emotional healing



Are there Psalms for healing emotional pain?

Thank you



Your question is quite extensive! This is because the Psalms, conveying the utter profundity of existence of mankind while simultaneously being hymns of Christ, about Christ and about the Church, are also quite extensive!

What sort of emotional healing are you looking for? Are you looking for Psalms which are empathetic to man’s misery and loneliness (c.f., Pss. 13, 22, 35, 38, etc.)? Or, are you looking for Psalms which provide comfort, knowing that God is in control (c.f., Pss. 3, 11, 16, 23, 73, etc.)?

In many cases, a single Psalm will alternate between moods, at once expressing the misery of mankind and yet the all-powerfulness and security of God (c.f., Pss. 5, 7, 30, 42-43, etc.).


Hello Epistemes,

what I mean by emotional healing is an emotional healing from past hurts.

Thank you


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