Psalms: The School of Prayer


I am leading a Bible study course titled, “Psalms: The School of Prayer”. Our study material is Jeff Cavins’ Great Adventure Bible Study series. This will be the fifth installment of that series that my parish is using. We began with the “Bible Timeline” study several years ago.

I am interested to hear if any of you have taken the course, led it, or would like to share your views on it. This is the first class I am leading. It is a blessing that my predecessors are still in the parish and have expressed their willingness to consult with me if I have questions for them.


The course started and it is going great. I had a positive response from many attendees of the last course, Revelation. We watched the Introduction video and tonight I just completed Session 1 questions and I watched the DVD in private. Tim Gray spoke, with Jeff Cavins providing the introduction and epilogue.


Thanks for the feedback. I have facilitated Bible Timeline twice, Matthew and we are just finishing up Acts. I will begin Revelation in a month or two. I would appreciate further feedback as your study goes along.



Get started on marketing early. Like, 6-12 months before beginning, if possible.

I got on the leaders’ website and downloaded the flyers and posters and bulleting announcements right away, but I waited until the week before we began, with the church bulletin deadline coming, before I submitted the blurb. So, now I am playing catch-up, and hoping folks don’t mind that we already passed the introduction video and we’re supposed to have coursework done in a few days.

Now I am in a full-on marketing drive, passing out flyers, talking up people on the street, speaking at the Masses, and generally making a spammy nuisance of myself. My predecessors provided three pages of sign-ups from the Revelation study, so all I had to do was pick out the names I recognized as showing up for that class, and calling them to say hey, we have another one. I enjoyed many positive responses.

This is costing me a fortune in laser toner and paper. My suggestion is to make sure you have a good multifunction printer/copier/scanner/fax. I have chosen to make a lot of handouts (well, two two-sided sheets and 30 copies of each). Flyers I pass out at Mass go like hotcakes. Make sure to clean up after yourself as people drop them back on the ground. Use a color printer for the premade posters, and then write in your date/location/registration info in the blanks.

All these hints and more are actually in the leader’s guide, which is like 30 pages long but it is worth reading thoroughly. The leader’s guide includes a 3-page Small Group Facilitator’s Guide, of which I printed out enough copies to cover all our small groups’ leaders.

If your parishioners are savvy to the web and social media, use them!

And may God bless you abundantly as you pray with Holy King and Prophet David.


Sorry that you have to go through so much. Our Pastor is onboard and sponsors the studies. The Church buys the DVD’s and we pay for the books.

Marketing is done through our parish bulletin and announcements at Mass. Attendance isn’t a problem. I usually have to turn people away. One lady has 50 people in a weekday study. I have 10 to 12 in my home every Tuesday.



The preparatory work was several very busy days for me, but I am finding as we slip into a weekly schedule of classes that my continuing work on lesson plans is minimal. The biggest job for me is the coursework, as I am taking the sessions along with the students and watching the DVDs a little in advance of each class.

I am also well-supported. I was personally asked by my pastor to lead this. I spent several previous Great Adventure studies as a small-group leader and found my voice in public discussion. I credit the Holy Spirit who qualified me after my call to lead.

My supervisor (I work at the parish) is very supportive and she is not charging me for incidental materials used. She helped me print color posters, and was responsive to my requests for bulletin and pulpit announcements. Actually, I am the editor for pulpit announcements, so I made sure it had pride of place for a couple weeks - then I deleted it for lack of time. The announcements are read immediately before Mass begins.

I had a great turnout for the second week, an increase of 50% more people. And I spoke with several this Sunday who say they plan to come. See, if I had done marketing in advance of the start date, these people could have cleared their schedules. So, I live and learn.


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