Psalter explained by Saint Alphonsus

Take a look at this and tell me what you think.:smiley:

The link you gave shows the radical redistribution of the Psalter by Pope St. Pius X.

OTOH, saints through the ages have written commentaries on the Psalter.

The explanation of the Psalms by Saint Alphonsus is my favorite!:slight_smile:

What’s your favorite?

Can you give a link?

This link STILL does not go to St. Alphonsus’s commentary on the Psalter, but only to the schema of the Pius XI breviary.

Your right. It goes to the shema of the Pius the X Breviary, but you have to click on a Psalm.

Here’s and example of what it looks like. Go to this link.

Hopefully this will be a little more clear.:smiley:

AHHHHH… now I’ve got you!

Seems to be a verse-by-verse commentary.

I’m very sorry for not being clear the first time!:o

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