Hey just a quick question–what week are we on in the Liturgy of the Hours (four week Psalter)? I lost track a couple months ago and am looking to start again. Sorry for the all-too-simple question.


Week 4. Like your" handle" two of my favorite saints.


Of course, there is the three hour difference too. I don’t think thats a problem though. I believe this is tuesday of the 16th week ordinary time as well.


If you can figure out what Sunday was you can figure out which week of the Psalter we’re in. The US bishops have the readings for the week and the designation of the week here:

From that you can see that this past Sunday was the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Weeks that are multiples of four will be Week 4 in the Psalter. (4th Sunday, 8th Sunday, 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 4th Sunday of Lent, 4th Sunday of Advent, etc.) Then count forward or backward from that.

If Sunday was the 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time you could figure that the 24th Sunday would be Week 4 so the 23rd Sunday must be Week 3. If it was the 5th Sunday after Easter you know the 4th Sunday was Week 4 so the 5th Sunday is Week 1.


In general, divide the number of the week by 4, and the remainder will tell you which week in the psalter. No remainder = Week 4.


My birth name is Peter and my Confirmation name is Augustine. Two of my favorites as well :wink:


Thank you, all! I appreciate the information.


This is the 16th week in Ordinary Time which places us in the 4th week of the Psalter.


Cool! I didn’t know that!

I just have a little Guide pamphlet that tells me what pages to do on what day. Then I don’t have to worry about it.:slight_smile:


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