As of today, i have begun a journey towards learning,reading and understanding the orthodox faith. Is the psalters a book recommeneded that i get?

And is it different from the psalms in the bible? Any input and advice on which i should purchase would be nice.

you know theres Catholics like Orthodox right? there called Eastern Catholic, just wanted to say that :thumbsup: God bless

It may be difficult to find Eastern Catholicism in Oslo? I’d guess that Orthodox may be more common. Still, I agree. It would be better to look to Eastern Catholicism than to commit apostasy.

In any case, a book, even a psalter, isn’t how one explores Eastern Christianity. Attend Divine Liturgy, and hopefully attend in an Eastern Catholic Church.

A good psalter in the Roman Catholic tradition is the Liturgy of the Hours.

No, there are no eastern catholics here and my heart becomes more and more orthodox for each day that passes by.

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