Psych Testing for Seminary?


I am completing an application for my seminary, and the last bit I have to do is the psych exam scheduled for Friday. I do not exactly why, but I am nervous. I have a sexual history, nothing crazy, but the M-word is there and possibly contraceptives.

Will they not accept my application given my history?

I do not know why this is making me nervous, but it is.


Relax and be honest they will evaluate you and make a decision. Just leave it in the LORD’s hands. Good Luck.


Great advfice.
I agree…


You are not the first one to take the test with these kinds of issues, and I doubt if you would be disqualified on the spot. Keep the 8th Commandment in mind, and be prepared to discuss some of your answers in a future interview. The application process is tough, but if you are really called to the priesthood, the Holy Spirit will make sure you get there!


It’s the psych exam, not the sexual history exam.

TBH, they’re just trying to make sure you’re not an axe murderer and free of any serious mental health issues which would prevent you from ministry. :shrug:


M word? Murder?


Probably masturbate.


Someone going into seminary probably needs to be able to call things by their proper terms.

OP. Psych testing is important for someone discerning this to go through don’t you think?


I took the exam this weekend. more tedious if anything. just an interview, draw a few pictures, and the minnesota exam (the 400 of the 500 questions). Feel very confident as I just handed in my application


Hah… I hate the MMPI2. A lot of the questions are very unfair imo. I had never, in my life, heard of “dropping the hanky” or whatever they ask about, but it’s a forced choice so… =p.



Hey congrats,

I’m just finishing up my application as well! Yes, it was a little awkward, but they will never refuse you. We’re all sinners and no one has the right to deny you of your vocation just because of your past. Your past does not define you. “There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future.” -St Augustine of Hippo

God Bless you on your journey, your will be in my prayers!:thumbsup:


Dropping the hanky? What does that mean?

All I could find was this.


Are you familiar with the MMPI? Many of the questions reference odd things that, sometimes, you don’t even know what they are talking about.


Yes I am. Do you know what dropping the hanky means?


I was in seminary and took the psych tests…myers briggs…ink blot…etc…it was i think 2days of testing. They will be looking for things that stand out as a red flag and it’s not masturbation, or a sexual past. They will looking for disorders. No matter who you are when you complete the testing it will find something…for me it was ADD and mild OCD.

No need to be nervouse although I think that is normal. Best wishes to you buddy. If you have any questionse let me know. Been through it.


In all the hub bub I forgot to say Congrats! I’m glad it went well.

I pray for all seminarians. So I will pray for you as well!:thumbsup:


Now I do!


I’ve started the application process to a religious congregation…if admitted, I will enter novitiate with them. Their psych testing takes place during novitiate…when I think about it, I get nervous that the psychologist’s evaluation will end up with my expulsion! Everybody I’ve mentioned it to says that it’s nothing to worry about…may I just don’t trust shrinks :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m joking, to be clear)

My advice is “pray, hope, and don’t worry!” :thumbsup:

:blessyou: Vaya con Dios, brother


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