Psychiatric testing for priesthood?


I understand that seminary applicants have to pass a psychiatric test, and I understand the reasons for this.

But according to Catholic theology, God, mother Mary, and angels still talk to people occasionally–as they did to Paul, the guy who baptized Paul, and St. Francis (to name just a few), and visions and disembodied voices are frowned on by psychiatry.

Could anyone who had a genuine supernatural experience meet today’s standards for entering the priesthood?

Could Paul or St. Francis pass the psych test?


Duplicate. If you want a suspension, you’re going the right way about it.


Why do you keep making a thread about the same thing? You aren’t allowed to do that.




I can’t find the original post, and I was unaware of any duplication.


That makes no sense.

Haven’t you seen any responses from the other threads you’ve made?


I haven’t posted in awhile.

But I found the original thread, there were no replies, and it appears to be blocked.

What I don’t understand is why I got a message saying that there were no new topics in the Catholic living section, and inviting me to post one, if I successfully started this topic heading the first time.

Any duplication was uninyended, and any replies would be appreciated.

Thank you.


The original thread appears to be unlocked and active.

Is there any way to delete this duplicate?


Allow me:



To access the Catholic Living threads, you have to change the subforum selection from “all” to “none” in order to see just the Catholic Living threads. The same goes for the Apologetics forum. It’s very counterintuitive so it’s easy to understand that you were confused.

However, you can also find the topics you created by clicking on your profile icon and looking at your summary or looking at your topics.

Hope that helps.


Thank you.


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