Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

Anyone watch this show? Do you think the kids have real abilities?

I’ve seen it scatter time.

I think they do have gifts, but the spirits they “talk” to are not good. They can’t possibly be, since when we die, our souls go to either Purgatory then Heaven, or to Hell. So, these “spirits” that they talk to, MUT be demons or some evil spirits.

I doubt it but whether they do are not, they are certainly subjects of a very vicious nasty kind of exploitation on the part of everyone involved in the program, not excepting their parents.

Is there any statement from the Church that those in Purgatory, Heaven, or Hell are incapable of communicating with those on earth?

According to Peter Kreeft ghosts are really souls from Purgatory.

Nope, none. So therefore, they could be.

I tend to go with this view. They have probably been put in a kind of purgatorial state to atone for whatever actions they did in their lifetime.

I also agree, though, that we really should not try to contact the dead. Per the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church or otherwise. :thumbsup:

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