Psychic powers and what the Church teaches

I’m curious about what the Church teaches about so called psychic phenomena. Like telepathy, out of body experiences and the like. I already know that the Church has come out against New Age concepts and to have no recourse to mediums and diviners. But the other powers like telepathy, astral projection and psychokinesis; if these powers are natural to the mind, is it acceptable to use them? Would these be spiritual gifts like what Saint Paul wrote about or are they traps of the devil?

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A Christian reflectionon the “New Age”

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Stories of saints have quite a few accounts.

I’ve been doing some reading about Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed was the only lay demonologist recognized by the Church and Lorraine was a clairvoyant and medium. They worked closely with the Church on paranormal investigations and exorcisms. They were both devout Catholics. So, this tells me that the Church accepts these types of powers in their ministry. Interesting. Thank you for the link to Christian Reflection on the New Age.

Their personal claims of Vatican approval has not once been substantiated:

If that’s the case, then wouldn’t they have to confess their lies to a priest?

If the lies were done with knowledge and consent, yes.

I’d place money that neither is a practicing Catholic.

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